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Why Astrology?


People have always looked to the stars to try to make sense of their place in the world.
In astrology, we study the movements and positions of celestial bodies – the sun, moon, planets and stars – to explore how they affect our lives and decisions.
Astrology can help us to better understand our role in the world, connect with our authentic selves and make confident choices about the future.

You can use astrology to learn more about yourself and the patterns that shape your life.

The astrology reading I carry out for you can help you to recognise patterns that are shaping your world. You can then begin to use those patterns in a purposeful way, to find the best place in the world for you, tackle personal difficulties, or explore your creativity so that you can achieve fulfilment.
Astrology can help you to expand your horizons, gain greater certainty, and make decisions with greater mindfulness and awareness of your opportunities.

About Martha Clarke Astrology


My passion as an astrologer and astrocartographer is to help you navigate your astrological charts so that you can make meaningful changes in your own life and find your authentic self.

Based between my native Ireland and Italy – and having spent time working in Portland, Oregon, and other US locations too – I support worldwide clients online through Zoom consultations which explore their natal charts, transits and astrocartography maps. 

I also use astrology to develop and unblock people’s creativity through a dedicated suite of  group workshops.

I know from my own lived experience that these tools can help to unlock abundant creativity and create a sense of peace. Astrology has revealed to me a higher purpose in my life than I ever thought possible, and through astrology I found the courage to walk my own creative path.

Now I want to help you find the same kind of fulfilment for yourself.

Courses – Creative & Astrological

Free Astrology E-Book – The Moon


The Moon is probably the most important planet in your astrological chart.
Why? Because it represents so many unconscious facets of you. It
represents our emotions, what we need in life to feel safe, what we need
to feel nourished, and how we have our needs met.

The Moon is strongly linked to your instincts, how you react emotionally,
and your intuitive make up.

Learn more about the astrology of the moon and its influence in my free astrology e-book which is available as a pdf download when you subscribe to my newsletter.

Free astrology ebook the moon
Astrological relocation masterclass

Modular Astrology Course

From 24 Feb 2022
Duration: 12 3-hour Zoom Classes – 3 modules
Time:  19.00 GMT/UTC

Learn the art of astrology in this easy to follow and interactive online astrology course. We will meet weekly for three hours on ZOOM so that you can learn to create and interpret your own astrological charts. You will also be invited to join a highly interactive Facebook group, which will support your learning on the astrology programme. There you can post questions and discuss each week’s topics to accelerate your learning process!

You can choose to study the three modules as separate courses, or sign up for all three to receive a comprehensive insight into the art of astrology and the role it can play in your personal and professional development .

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