Astrology can help you to make plans about where to live in an informed and mindful way.


In fact, this is a great time to start planning your next move because you have time to reflect, and you are probably more aware of your home and your locality than you have ever been before!

This is the perfect time to engage with astrocartography – also known as locational astrology – to make sure you make the best possible choices about where to move on with your life.

Last week, I talked about why this is an auspicious time to start planning a move, and I suggested journaling and visualisation as tools you can use to prepare for your astrocartography consultation.  This week, I’m going to give you advice on how you can get the most out of those practices and the insights they offer as you prepare for the natal chart reading that will begin your astrocartography journey.

Journaling and visualisation are wonderful tools to help you plan a relocation. Here, I share 10 tips for journaling and visualisation to help you move forward with your life.

The Astrocartography process

Astrocartography can seem like a complex process. It is made up of a set of steps and astrological readings, all of which shed light on where the best places are for you to base yourself in the future.  In this series of blog posts on the process, I am unpacking these steps so you can understand how it works and how it might help you.

When you have a good understanding of what is involved in an astrocartography reading, you can be sure you will make wonderful use of the insights it offers. Good preparation for the process is always useful, but it  is particularly important now – we will all want to make every second of our lives when we are able to move freely again!

While astrocartography depends on careful reading of your natal chart, your transits, and your astrocartography maps, you will get the most out of the process if you enter into with your mind open to the hopes and dreams you attach to relocating your life.

Last week, I wrote about how you can use journaling and visualisation as tools to take you out of the present moment and into the best future for you.

When we write about the future we hope for, we begin to understand what we are trying to move away from and what we are moving towards. Visualising can help us too, because it helps  to bring forward ideas, hopes and dreams that we are not ready to be put into words yet.

Sights, sounds, memories and phrases can come to mind when we try journaling and visualisation.

Those ideas can take on fresh significance when you talk about your astrology charts and patterns in your life with me in your astrocartography reading.

Your process of reflection can help you to get the most out of the insights that your reading gives you, so that you can move forward confidently once moving is easy again.

It can be difficult to know where to begin if you haven’t tried journaling and visualisation before, so here are 10 tips you can use to begin your process of planning the best way to move forward with your life.

5 tips for journaling


1)  Where were you most happy living up to this point in your life?

Try to describe the qualities of the place and the ways it made you feel.

2) Think about the place you live as if it were a person

This exercise can help to draw your attention to the qualities of the place you live and whether or not is a good fit with your own qualities and strengths.

3)  If you could change one thing in your life, what change would you make?

Pay attention to what you choose to get rid or adding to your life in this piece of writing.

4)   What is your favourite thing about where you live now and why does it make you happy?

Sometimes, in our rush to make a move, we forget what drew us to our current place and what soothes us about it.

 5)    What is the most inspiring place you have ever visited?

 Remembering wonderful places we have been can remind us of the feelings we would like our next location to inspire.


5 tips for visualisation


1)    What is the place you most long to visit? Imagine yourself there.

Pay attention to the details of this vision, its details and the feelings it inspires. Think about what you are most drawn to and what you seek to experience there.

 2)    Draw on a memory of a place where you felt completely safe and happy?

Think about the scene you are imagining and the things that give you comfort.

 3)    Picture your future self absorbed in work or your passion project.

The setting you see and the things you surround yourself with can give important clues to the kind of future you would like to achieve.

 4)    Imagine the home you will be calling yours in 10 years’ time.

Where are you, what are your feelings in this setting, and what you are surrounding yourself with in this imagined scene.

 5)    Visualise a celebration with friends and families in future.

What kind of setting would bring out the best in your friendships and relationships?


Tap into your intuition


Journaling and visualisation can help you tap into your intuition.Journaling and visualisation can help you tap into your intuition, freeing your mind up to make the most of the insights your astrology charts reveal.The time we are spending at home due to Covid-19 might be making us restless, but  they are also giving us an opportunity to reflect on all the ways we would like our lives to improve.Our senses are heightened, and we are more aware of what is holding us back than we might otherwise be.

The Next Step: Your Natal Chart Reading

You can bring the insights that you gain from your journaling and visualisation exercises to the next step of the astrocartography process, in your first online astrology consultation with me.

To provide an astrocartography reading, it is essential to have a good understanding of your natal chart first. Using information about your birth I will draw up your  natal birth chart which reveals to your your astrological DNA – your soul’s blueprint for what your soul came into this world in this lifetime to experience.

Our natal chart helps us to understand and access our true gifts, gives us clarity and guidance as to what our true vocations might be.

It also helps you to gain a deeper understanding of other major areas of your life, such as how you do relationships, how you structure your daily life, where your spiritual focus is, and what your true life path is meant to be.

When you use journaling and visualisation to prepare for this first phase of an astrocartography reading, they can help to accelerate the process of deciding on where to live and deepen the insights you gain from my reading of your charts.

It may seem like life is at a standstill, and that your chances of self-development are on hold, a the moment. Opportunities to begin new projects can feel as if they are out of reach for a while.

But if we make good use of this time to plan for the future, opening our minds and learning from our charts, we can make more mindful decisions when life starts moving again.

Find out more about the whole astrocartography process

This post is the second in a series where I will be explaining the steps in the astrocartography process that will help you make your decisions about where to live and get the most out of your astrological consultation.

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