This month, we have yet another planet going retrograde – it’s going to be a very Mars September!

Mars goes retrograde in Aries on the 9th September 2020, after having first stationed for two days. Mars then stays retrograde till 16th November. Coming up to this retrograde period Mars conjuncts the Moon on 5th and 6th September and Uranus conjuncts the Moon on 6th and 7th September while the Sun also trines Uranus on the 9th. Mars also trioctliles the Sun from the 2nd until the 7th of this month.

Mars, as we know, represents passion, drive and action in our natal charts. In other words, how we DO things. We have had almost three months of rioting in Portland, Oregon, the town I was living in when George Floyd was murdered. We have seen the Black Lives Matter movement unfold and continue to be more and more active. And behind all of this is a passionate drive to change how we do things, fundamentally, permanently and for the better. This autumn should give us some interesting results!

What can we expect from Mars retrograde?

So what can we expect during the upcoming Mars retrograde period? I expect we will see a deepening of people’s internal anger at all they have sacrificed these last six months, and yet still no end in sight. Mars in Aries, its natal sign, means we simply want to GET….STUFF….DONE. But we are still being told we can’t. Human beings are phenomenally adaptable, but restrictions that stop us adapting are difficult to bear, and that can unleash itself in explosive change. As Uranus is also highly activating the Moon and Sun this week, we can also expect to see lightning and unexpected changes is certain aspects of our society. It is anybody’s guess as to how that will manifest!

People’s anger is now very real and we would all – at every level of society – do well to acknowledge this. We are all continuing to live in ways that are unfamiliar and limited.

Yes, many of us can continue to work via ZOOM. Yes it is more practical and efficient. But life is not always about being practical and efficient. Sometimes, what we need is the connection we find in that chat in the break room with a colleague or the silent empathy expressed by a friend through deep eye contact – no words needed.

And yet many therapists report a deepening of their client sessions. How Uranian, as Uranus rules technology. For myself, my ZOOM IST sessions which I am having to help me deal with the colossal tidal wave of emotions after my mother’s death, have been phenomenal. And deeply healing. Meanwhile I am moved continually by the strong connections and progress that emerge again and again from the online astrology sessions I conduct with my clients who come to me for natal birth charts, transit readings or astrocartography consultations.

So this week in particular, in the build up to Mars retrograde, is a time of looking at where your anger is. How to deal with it. As Julia Cameron said wisely – “Anger is meant to be acted ON, not acted OUT”. So go find productive ways to act on your anger. Go take steps to keep moving forward in this glorious journey called life.

What do you need to stand up FOR? Who do you need to let go of in your life while doing this? For without action – Mars, there is no manifestation. And it does not have to be grand theatrical steps. Baby steps count too, and add up more than you can imagine.

Use the active energy of Mars September 2020

For me, this Mars September is prompting me to take action on family matters. I have also decided to finally outsource the stuff I am really not good at and which drags me down – filing emails, updating passwords, updating my new website. And that leave more time for the stuff I love, such as seeing clients and writing. Oh, and looking at artists’ retreats in Italy. Where my Mars line is far more active! I have posted several videos on what is involved in an astrology session on my Facebook page, so to watch them, do click HERE

And I am available for consultations via ZOOM, so book HERE. Many people are still relocating right now, and a natal followed by a transit session can give you clarity as to what in your life is coming up for you to look at and deal with. A move elsewhere, even for a few weeks, might be just what you need! Or you can still plan a more permanent move for next year! It is easier than you think to utterly change your life. Living near my Mars lines in both Italy and the USA was deeply empowering for me. I simply GOT MORE STUFF DONE!

Happy Mars September everyone. And mind your energy!

Photo – A cottage in Umbria, Italy. Copyright Martha Clarke