About Martha Clarke

As an astrologer, astrocartographer, and writer, I use astrology sessions to help people find the best place in the world for them and the best ways to express themselves.

In your online astrology session, I can help you to identify a place where you can find fulfilment. I can also aid you as you work to access the fullness of your own spirituality and creativity.


When I first turned to astrology for answers after a period of turmoil in my own life, I had no idea I was creative or how much I had to contribute to the world. Filled with trepidation, I set out on a personal journey – literal, spiritual and creative. That journey that has taken me from Ireland to Italy and the United States, and it has also given me a fuller understanding of myself and my potential.

I now bring my knowledge of astrocartography, my training as an astrologer, and my personal experience of living through changes to bear as I help others plan their own ways forward in online astrology sessions. My own journey of exploration was informed at every stage by my astrological education. My insights and creativity now flow forth effortlessly through my writing, workshops and consultations, and I work to bring that sense of freedom to others. 

The online astrology sessions I conduct with clients worldwide and the creativity workshops I facilitate allow me to support creative people as they seek out the best places in the world for them to unlock their full potential.


  • Advanced Certificate in Astrology from Blue Rose School of Astrology in Dublin
  • Certificate in Counselling Cork Counselling Centre
  • Advanced Certificate in Feng Shui, Chue Foundation Milan
  • BA Hons in French and Italian, Swansea University Wales





Let me help you to:

  • Heal family wounds
  • Improve your relationships
  • Make decisions about relocation
  • Find the courage to travel and have new and wondrous experiences
  • Find your true calling
  • Express your creativity fully
  • Live a life full of joy, purpose and passion

The world needs enlightened souls, now more than ever. Let me help you find your true authentic self. It may be buried right now below years of family and social conditioning, but together we can uncover that pearl so that your astrological essence can really shine through.

Book an astrology session with me to begin your own journey towards fulfilment.

My special areas of interest

My passion is focused on helping people to find the best places for them to live and express their full creativity. I work with clients across the world over Zoom, using astrology sessions to help them explore the best directions for them.


Astrocartography allows me to help you find the place where you can thrive – whether you are seeking a new place to live or new parts of the world to explore. In your astrocartography consultation, I will map the planetary lines in your natal birth chart so that I can guide you to the most supportive places worldwide for you to live, love and work.


My regular astrology-led group writing course will help you to improve your creativity, with the help of the divine cosmic forces of the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune. These online workshops will help you to better understand and express your full creative potential. 


Book an astrology session online with me, arrange an astrocartography reading, or sign up for creative online workshops that draw on astrology to help you realise your potential.

To find out which type of astrology session is best suited to you, book a free 20-minute consultation to find out how I can support your journey towards fulfilment.

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