Astrocartography can change your life – I know that’s true, because my own life shows that when you need to transform astrocartography works!

I have written before about how this little-known aspect of astrology is life-changing. I have relocated many times in my life, and each time, my life changed enormously. Moving to Italy was key to unlocking more cosmic creativity than I knew I possessed. Moving to the US was truly transformative on a professional level. And life has brought me back and forth to my native Ireland, which is a more complex place for me to be, astrologically speaking!

Even moving two hours away can make a difference, as I did for a week last week, when I went on a yoga retreat to Schull, West Cork. There I was closer to my Mercury and Pluto lines. I had serendipitous meetings and a plethora of synchronistic events occurred. In one of the quietest and unspoiled places in Europe, I met people who will change my life in the months to come!

Planning a relocation to change your life

I am currently planning another relocation, more of which anon. While my professional life as an astrologer has flourished this year, with the growth of my online astrology consultations, my new website, and the launch of my Complete Astrology Course, I know I need to move to more fully enable my own creative potential.

I will be working with the current transits in my natal birth chart, to plan the optimum time to move. For wherever we move in the world, our transits come with us and we experience the lessons of those transits wherever we are.

When you want to change your life, the steps involved in astrocartography – a natal chart reading, a transit forecast, and then the creation of your astrocartography map – build a picture of your full potential and the factors that constrain you. In our astrocartography sessions, we  then work with that knowledge to explore the best places in the world for you to live your best and most authentic life.

For me, being closer to a  Mars line in my chart, really helps me with manifestation and taking action. I have a tendency to follow Pluto lines also, and hence to have deeply transformative experiences in a new location.  Travel used to be a big part of my life professionally, and it remains key to my personal life as well as my career as an astrocartographer. We don’t have to keep moving forever though!

Letting astrocartography guide my next move

Sometimes just moving for a few months can help us enormously. I have changed where I am relocating to as I was wisely advised to move somewhere where my nervous system could settle and reboot, after a titanic year last year. Along with Covid, I also had my mother’s death, both of which returned me to Ireland and have kept me here for some time. Much as I love it and have progressed my life here, these experiences have taken more out of me than I expected, and it is time to let astrocartography guide my relocation again.

So I will be looking for my Moon lines and am almost sure of my new location which I will share with you all as soon as it is definite.

My Neptune transit continues to play out strongly in my daily life, and my creativity continues to be enhanced. I have done tons of painting, my photography is becoming a joy again (this post’s picture was taken on last week’s yoga retreat), and my first book will be published shortly.

If you would like to change your life by relocating, you can read more about the astrocartography process and book astrocartography consultations with me here.

I am also running a webinar on Astrocartography with ISAR on 11th July – you can sign up here.

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