Your astrocartography map and the reading of it mark the culmination of the astrocartography process, and it can give you powerful insights into where to take your life next!


People turn to locational astrology to find places that will support and provide the best possible environments for them as they work to thrive and reach fulfilment.

  • Some arrange a reading when they are planning a complete relocation of home and family
  • For others, an astrocartography chart and its interpretation can be part of the process of weighing up a job move or unblocking creativity.
  • For others again, astrocartography can be a source of insights into the best places to be for a short time, for a life-changing travel experience or a transformative retreat, for example.

We all instinctively know that some places free and enable us, while others make us feel blocked or ill at ease. Locational astrology can help us to understand why, and our astrocartography charts can equip us with knowledge we can use to find the best places for us.

Your astrocartography map can help you to understand the energy of the place where you are or a place you plan to be and how that energy interacts with your own purpose.

Martha Astrocartography Map

My personal astrocartography map of Italy – my move here from Ireland was part of my own astrocartography-inspired journey!


Why does location matter in astrology?

Astrology has always been interested in how our place in the cosmos affects us – after all, astrologers begin every natal birth chart reading by asking you where you were born and when!

Since the 1930s, there has been growing interest in how the locations we take up later in our lives affect our ability to live our lives fully and authentically. The development of better mapping techniques and technology fuelled that interest. And,  by the 1970s, American astrologer Jim Lewis had created over 40 maps that enable astrocartographers to track your natal lines across the globe and assess the locations you are considering for your next move.

Astrocartography, then, combines digital and scientific methods with the ancient insights of astrology to pinpoint locations that are supportive of your work to fulfil your role in the cosmos.


What happens in an astrocartography session?

Astrocartography where to live

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

In preparation your astrocartography reading, I take your natal birth chart, and the transit forecast that we have developed and discussed in our previous sessions, and I then map the lines of your natal chart out across the globe to identify patterns and energies that accentuate or operate against your strengths and potential.

Your astrocartography map may look, at first sight, like a simple, highlighted map of the globe, but astrocartography lines take on meaning and significance in combination, with the insights we have gained in the other readings I have conducted with you during the astrocartography process.

The natal birth chart reading and the transit forecast we have completed before I prepare your maps, as well as our discussions about their significance for you at this moment in your life, all feed into the interpretation of your charts and their meaning for you, which we discuss at length in your astrocartography session.

In the context of this rich interpretive process, the insights you gain from your astrocartography map can become powerful tools that help you to make plans for where you take your life next.


Can astrocartography tell me where to live?

The short answer is no – astrocartography is a powerful diagnostic tool rather than a set of instructions.

The power of locational astrology and your astrocartography map lies in their ability to help you identify places around the globe – maybe close to where you live now, or in a different country in a different region – where your efforts to live an authentic and fulfilled life, true to your innermost self, are best supported.


For me, the move to Italy was the beginning of exploring my creativity.

A reading of your astrocartography map can help you to diagnose problems with where you are living now, as well as provide helpful insights into where to take your life next.

Each of the steps you have taken to prepare for your astrocartography reading will play its role in helping you to get the most out of the insights your astrocartography charts offers.


Steps to prepare for your astrocartography map reading

Over the last few weeks we have been reviewing the steps in the astrocartography process, and they will all play their role in our final reading:

  • Through visualization and journaling, you will have freed your mind to bring forward your most heartfelt hopes and desires for the future. You may also have found yourself drawn to places you have visited or to locations where you feel drawn to travel or make your new beginning.
  • In your natal birth chart reading, you will have gained insights into your role in the cosmos and the patterns and potential that are unique to you, your life and your personality. And we will have begun to discuss how its insights shed light on your hopes for your life, travel, and relocation, so that you can begin to live more fully and draw out the best aspects of your authentic self.
  • During our transit forecast session, we will have explored the tensions but also the opportunities that exist for you in the current moment, as planetary movements cast their influence over your natal chart and your life as and where it is now.
  • Then we go on to your astrocartography chart reading session.

In those earlier stages of the process, you will gained insights into how your current place in the world and the life you have built there relates to your greatest hopes and desires. (Each of these stages is discussed in my earlier blog posts in this series on the whole astrocartography process).

When we read and discuss your astrocartography chart, I will help you to evaluate the suitability of the places aspected positively in your chart in relation to your cosmic potential and that current moment.


The end of the process and a new beginning?

Your astrocartography map reading marks the culmination of a process that will allow you to make empowered and intuitive decisions about the locations your chart highlights and the places that offer the most rewarding contexts for all you hope for.

While some clients treat the reading of their astrocartography map as the end of the process, others use ongoing transit forecasts to guide them through the process of moving and transition to a more fulfilling location. Transits can help you navigate your way through making that job move or planning a major event, and I love to be part of people’s ongoing journey, supported by astrology and its power to help us map our futures.

To begin your astrocartography process, you will need to book a natal chart reading and then you will need a transit forecast to take place before your astrocartography map reading. Please feel free to book a Free Discovery Call with me if you would like to learn more about the process and how it might be helpful to you.

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