There are 6 key times in your life when an astrocartography reading is your best guide to improving your life!

Astrocartography – or locational astrology as it is also known – helps you to understand how your cosmic potential is shaped by by where you are in the world, or where you move to … Of course, many of us move a lot when we are young, before we are free to make our own choices, if we have a parent in the armed forces for example. Some of us live out our whole lives within one state or country, shifting location within a small area. Meanwhile, others move thousands of miles away sometimes more than once!

Whatever prompts your relocation, however long it lasts for, and however short a distance you move, an astrocartography reading can help you to understand how your move will affect you – using your natal chart and a relocated version of it, as an astrocartographer I can shed light on how your qualities and your hopes and dreams will be supported or challenged by your new location. When you have an understanding of how a place relates to you, you will be able to make an informed decision about how you move forward, physically and emotionally, towards greater fulfilment.

So when is an astrocartography reading a natural choice?

There are moments in your life when you have to make a significant change in your physical location. Some of those occasions are common to many of us, and they stir up common hopes and fears! You may feel drawn towards astrocartography:

  • When you, or a close family member, are ready to go to college
  • When you get married
  • When you move house
  • When you get your first job
  • When you get transferred to another job
  • When you are starting again after a divorce or other loss

What insights does an astrocartography reading offer?

An astrocartography reading can help you to pick the right college if you or your loved one are going to study something creative, for example. In those circumstances, we would be looking at areas where Neptune and Venus are strong. And when you start your first job, then it can help to look at Mars lines, as they are where the action takes place.

In a new place, your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and IC will change signs, which is hugely significant. So in effect, the very essence of how you are seen in the world will shift.

If you are moving to start married life, then we look at both partners’ charts to find the optimum place to support both people in the relationship. Often, one person may wish to live close to home, to help with elderly parents. However, even a move of twenty miles can invoke major changes in you, your partner, and your relationship.

When you are moving house, a locational astrology reading can give you enormous clarity and insight into what to expect in a new area and how your life will progress there. And, if you are making a different kind of move – maybe deciding to pursue a new career in writing, for example – you might use an astrocartography reading to help you actively seek out a location that supports the skills and potential you have in relation to communication and expression. In that case, Mercury would be the main focus of our astrological location search!

You can use an astrocartography reading to lean in to a life change you wish for. When your Sun changes houses, how you show up and are seen in the world will be radically affected. You may long to live somewhere where your Sun will be in your eleventh house for example, so that you can shine and be seen more as a leader.

Every move is a kind of letting go, as well as a mark of progress, and so it makes sense that a divorce or death often brings about movement in our lives too. Sometimes moving hundreds of miles away for a fresh start is what we most need to do. New beginnings, new friends, and new routine in places that are positively aspected for us can be revitalising, though sometimes, we can change energies by making a much shorter move with less radical change.

The key is to make your choices about relocation in an informed way. So, a relocation astrology reading can be really empowering as well as life-changing and transformative.

What is the astrocartography process?

The key to deeply understanding the insights astrocartography holds for you is to have your natal chart interpreted first. Then a transit chart will be vital to understand what planetary themes are in play for you in months running up to your move (I explored these themes in more detail in my recent blog post series on the astrocartography process which starts here).

In my own life, I have had Pluto quincinxing my Moon by transit for nearly two years, and so there has been constant adjustment around what home means and where it is. I have learnt that home is within me – I carry it everywhere. And learning that has been hugely liberating. But still I respect and take into consideration the powerful relationship between my place and my potential with every move I make.

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