The Covid crisis has made us more aware than ever of the places where we live – their advantages and their limitations

Many of us have spent our time sheltering in place re-evaluating the places where we live, or becoming restless and ready for relocation.

Working from home, and living with restrictions on where and how to travel can bring you a sense of safety and peace if you feel like you are in the right place in the world for you. But it can also trigger restlessness and dissatisfaction if you are not feeling happy where you are.

Lots of people are starting to reassess the choices that made them pick one place to live over another in the past, and they are using their time at home to think about changing their lives in the future.

Covid has made us focus attention on where and how we live more than ever before.

Not everyone will want to stay in the same place when restrictions lift, and astrocartography can be a brilliant tool in the decision-making process about where to go next.

Ask yourself, honestly – Are you living where you want to live? Is your lifestyle how you want it to be? Honestly? Really? Are you sure? Are you really sure?

Moving is not impossible at the moment, and we can see change is coming, even where restrictions are currently tight.

As I write this, many countries, such as New Zealand, have seriously relaxed restrictions. Others have made them even more onerous, as is the case in both Ireland and the UK, but  for most of us vaccine distribution programmes are finally allowing us to imagine a time when we might travel again or make a fresh start somewhere new.

A unique opportunity to reflect on where you live

The time we are still spending at home gives us a unique opportunity to take stock of our lives and think about where and how we want to live in the future.

Many of my clients have already successfully relocated during Covid, as have I, and it has been my pleasure to help them work through the process of finding somewhere new to live.

If you are thinking about relocating in our faster, ever-changing Aquarian world, it makes sense to learn the art of seamlessly relocating so that you can thrive during and beyond these turbulent times.

Astrocartography is a wonderful tool in the relocation process, and I love using it to help people explore the possibilities that lie ahead for them.

Astrocartography is the astrological art of mapping the planetary lines in your natal birth chart across the world to find the most supportive places to live, love and work.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to use my blog posts to share some ideas that will help you to understand astrocartography and what it can do for you, so that you can get the most out of that process as you think about relocating.

The first step toward relocating successfully

In this post, I’m going to begin by talking about the period of calm reflection which is the necessary starting point, even before your first astrocartography reading, if you are going to successfully move your life to a new place.

This strange ‘in-between’ time we are all experiencing can become a kind of gift if we use it to reflect on how and where we want to be in the world. This is a great time to ask yourself, what can I do to take charge of my life during these seemingly endless challenges? How can I start making plans to relocate?

Journalling and imagining yourself into the future are two great strategies you can use to put yourself in the right frame of mind to pick the best place in the world for you.

Open your mind to possibilities by journaling

I strongly suggest you start by taking at least a week to journal around what you really want to do with your life in the next three years.

Journaling has become more and more popular in recent years, as a tool for self-development. It can help you to capture ideas and patterns that offer you insights into your identity, as well as your hopes and dreams.

When you begin writing in your journal about where you want to be and how you want to be living, you begin the process of making your hopes and dreams real in the world.

You can journal in a special notebook with your favourite pen or on your laptop in a few quiet moments at the end of your day.

The form of the journal isn’t important! The important thing is to begin focusing your mind on what you want for the future and what you are looking for in the place where you live.

Journaling can help you to express ideas that will be helpful as you plan your move, but it also creates space for you to reflect properly on where you want to be.

By taking time out of your day to write about your aspirations, you are instructing your subconscious mind to pay attention to those hopes for the future and giving them greater structure and depth.

From this kind of beginning, great practical plans can be made, but it is important to make sure that you give your imagination permission to help you, particularly in the initial stages.

Visualise where you see yourself living

Visualisation, like journaling, is a great tool when you are making plans about where to live. It can help you to surface ideas that you can’t yet put into words, and, when you use it alongside journaling, you can start to explore motivations and hopes that will help you to find the right place for you.

The ideas that visualisation produces can also be really helpful as you start to tease out your chart and your plans with an astrocartographer.

What do you imagine yourself doing?

When you are visualising, it can help to imagine the kind of future you’d like to be living in three to five years’ time. Projecting forward can free you from some of the practical obstacles that stand in your way, and it can help you to pinpoint your core priorities.

Create some quiet space and time to imagine yourself into your future. Imagine yourself utterly living your new dream life.

Imagine how you would feel when transported into an entirely new environment, and pay attention to the visual and practical things that come to the forefront when you are doing this imaginative work, as well as the emotions you are trying to work towards.

Form a picture of your future

Rethink where you live with astrocartography

When you have formed a clear picture of your future in your mind, however far from your current life that might be, take time to journal about the experience.

The writing and images you produce can help you to give shape to your hopes for your future. You can also go back to your vision and writing in the weeks and months ahead to refresh you as you take the practical steps towards making your dream a reality.

Your journal is a tool you can use alongside your astrocartography reading as you work to narrow down the list of places that are best suited to you.


Look for signs about the type of move you want to make

You may find, through your journaling and your visualisation, that you want to move from an urban to rural setting so that you can reconnect with nature and live a less pressured life. Or you find it makes sense to make the opposite move from country to city or across borders for a faster pace and new connections.

Uncover the motives that are driving your desire to relocate

Journaling and visualisation can help us to understand what we are trying to move away from, just as much as what we are moving towards.

When you use them to prepare for an astrocartography reading, they can help to accelerate the process of deciding on where to live and deepen the insights you gain from my reading of your charts.

This highly focused, journal-driven dreaming is precisely what led me to  move seamlessly to Italy within three months of first being hit by the longing to have a whole new life there.

I remember it so well. I came back to Ireland after five utterly life-changing  days in both Milan and Lucca in August 2014. Filled with ideas and hope on my return, I began journaling extra passionately all during the next week is what helped me, more than anything else, to move closer to my goal.

I would love the opportunity to help you achieve that same sense of fulfilment and elation.

Find out more about the whole astrocartography process

This post is the first in a series where I will be explaining the steps in the astrocartography process that will help you make your decisions about where to live and get the most out of your astrological consultation.

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