Astrocartography – Locational Astrology

What is Astrocartography?

Are you searching for the best place in the world to live or work? Let astrocartography guide you, helping you to find the best locations for you to fulfil your life’s potential.

Astrocartography and locational astrology are little known, but highly specialised aspects of astrology.

We are born where we are born – that’s fate. We usually live where our parents wish us to live until we are old enough to decide for ourselves. Then we may start  to hanker for other places. You may have a dream to travel, explore, or even relocate.


A locational astrology reading can help you find the best places in the world for you.

It can also help to pinpoint the optimal times to move so that you can make the best decisions about when and where to live your life to the fullest. I work with clients across the world, helping them to plan moves small and large, that will align their hopes and ambitions with places that support them. 

As an astrocartographer, I have seen my own life changed by moves within Europe and across continents. In my online astrology consultations about the best places for you, I draw on my training but also on my own profound experience of travel and relocation.

This allows me to offer you unique insights into which places in the world will support you most. My goal is always to help you find the very best places for you to live, love, work or visit in the months and years ahead!

What is an Astrocartography Map?

An astrocartography map charts the findings from your natal birth chart across the whole world to find the best places in the world for you to live in or visit. I take your relocated birth chart and regenerate it for another place, as if you had been born there to see how well it aligns with your purpose and potential.

In a new location, the planets will usually change houses, and the Ascendant, Mid Heaven, Descendant and IC may all change signs. Even a move of just 20 miles can make all the difference to what a place signifies for you astrologically!

astrocartography map reading

When you base your personal natal chart in a new place, your chart will have a totally different emphasis.

Certain houses will be more activated than they were before and planet angularity – which means planets on the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC – will usually change significantly.

In your in-depth consultation with me, we will explore the meaning of your natal chart and the lessons it offers about the best ways for you to move forward towards greater fulfilment.

As a professional astrocartographer, who has experienced as well as studied the astrology of relocation, I can identify aspects of your astrocartography map that might seem minor to the untrained eye but which are crucial in helping you pick the best place for you to live fully and creatively.

The Astrocartography Process

There are a number of steps involved in an astrocartography reading, that will allow you to benefit from the insights that locational astrology provides.

Step One:  First you must book a natal chart reading which is the cosmic blueprint on which your astrocartography reading is based.

Step Two: Then you need to arrange a transit session so that we can take into account the patterns and opportunities that are affecting your life in the current moment.

Step Three: When you confirm your astrocartography consultation, I will then prepare your astrocartography map so that we can fully explore the best places in the world for you to experience life to the fullest.

Please ensure you have already booked a natal and transit reading with me before booking an astrocartography reading. These are prerequisites for an astrocartography consultation.

The Three Steps in the Astrocartography Process

How your Astrocartography Map is Interpreted

Astrocartography uses up to 24 different aspects to calculate the range of planetary influence. A  planet trining or conjunct one of the angles in the natal birth chart will have a range of up to 139 miles / 222 km. Meanwhile, a more minor aspect, such as a quintile which represents manifesting creativity, will have a range of just 34 miles / 55 km. A quincunx, which symbolises awareness and adjustment, will have a 51 mile / 83 km radius.

When your locational astrology reading is complete, we will explore its implications so that you are better equipped to make decisions around relocation and travel. Through our reading, you will gain an understanding of which planetary archetypes will be highlighted if you move location. You will better understand – and so be better able to manage – the impact they may have on your life.

Arranging an Astrocartography Session

Please note: To sign up for your astrocartography reading, you must first book a natal chart reading and a transit session which are prerequisites for an astrocartography consultation.

Your natal chart reading and transit forecast are essential elements in the astrocartography process. They are the elements that shape the construction and interpretation of your astrocartography map. That is why you need to complete these sessions before you book our astrocartography session. It is through this series of readings and consultations with you that I can help you identify the best places for you to bring forth the finest aspects of your personality.

Whether you are planning to relocate or dreaming of expanding your horizons through travel, your astrocartography session can help you decide where to take your life next.


Your Astrocartography Session

In preparation for your astrocartography session, I will map the planets in your natal birth chart to find the most supportive places worldwide for you to live and flourish. Using your natal chart and transit reading, I will regenerate your natal birth chart in a new location, as if you had been born there. In your relocated natal chart, the planets will usually change houses, the Ascendant, Mid Heaven, Descendant and IC may all change signs.

Your chart will have a totally different emphasis and certain houses will be activated in ways that can empower you and stimulate your creativity.  A move of even 20 miles can make a huge difference to the aspects of your life that are highlighted in your astrocartography reading.

In our one-to-one, confidential Zoom consultation, we will explore your astrocartography map and its significance in relation to your hopes for the future.

Astrocartography can help you to decide about large moves across continents or changes within your current environment. The insights the reading offers about your life and potential can help you to decide where to relocate. It can also help you decide where to travel to renew your strength and imagination.

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