Astrological Relocation Masterclass

Astrological relocation masterclass

Harness the planetary energy of your transits

Date: 5th, 6th and 7th October
Time: 7pm GMT/Irish | 6pm UTC

Venue: Zoom – a link to this series of one-hour masterclasses will be sent to you after sign-up!

If you have ever felt stuck where you are living now, this free webinar series is for you! In my three-day Astrological Relocation Masterclass, you will learn how to interpret and seamlessly access the major planetary archetypes in your natal chart. Find out about how places and planets can challenge or empower you as you work towards your life goals! In our free interactive online masterclass sessions, you will discover how to:

  • understand your transits and the ways that they affect your cosmic blueprint
  • identify the dominant planetary themes in your life in the coming months
  • harness the energy of your transits and the power of location to further your goals

We will also explore the timing of when and where to relocate to and what to expect in your new location.

Throughout the Astrological Relocation Masterclass workshops, I will be sharing astrological wisdom about transits and relocation with you. I will also be giving you practical tips on the steps you can take to envision and realise your hopes for the future before you relocate.

If you are questioning when, where, and how to relocate your life, work, project or event this masterclass is perfect for you. Even if you can’t relocate right now, you will gain insights into how you can make your current environment more supportive of your personal journey and growth.

Free yourself to become everything you have ever dreamed by harnessing the power of place and the planets!

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