Astrology gifts – Give the gift of insight

Astrology gifts

Astrology gifts can empower the ones you love!

An astrology reading gift certificate gives you a wonderful way to support and enrich the lives of the ones you love.


  • The gift of a natal chart reading, can reveal the patterns and potential the cosmos created for the person you care about or help them plot their next life steps through their personal or professional lives.
  • A transit reading gift will give them insights into the true potential of this moment in time for them.
  • A Solar return reading also makes a wonderful gift, allowing a person to explore and enrich their ongoing journey through life.

An astrology gift can be a thoughtful way to show that you recognise someone’s truly unique identity. And it gives you you a lovely way to support a person as they embark on the next wonderful stage of their lives.


A professional astrology reading offers your loved one a powerful way to understand their cosmic essence and their potential.

It can help them to access their emotional needs and understand how to have them met. In the setting of our confidential online consultation,  I will gently help your loved one to explore the themes their reading highlights, equipping them with astrological insights they can use to improve their lives and achieve fulfilment.

Simply buy an astrology gift certificate for printing or emailing to the person you care about. They can then use the gift certificate code to book an online astrology consultation with me at a time of their choosing at any point over the next 3 years. 

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