The Boss

I’ve already written about Matt Damon’s relationship with our Emerald Isle – but Ireland’s other most loved adopted son has to be Bruce Springsteen.

The rock star claims Italian/Irish heritage and has been a regular concert performer here since his first famous outdoor marathon at Slane Castle outside Dublin, on June 1st 1985. I was barely 25 years old. I was there.

Four of us went, we feckin’ arrived late, having had a puncture en route.

Nevertheless, I was there.

Since then I have seen Bruce play in Dublin more times than I can remember, and also in Cork in 2013 and Kilkenny that same summer – to this day, two of the most moving concerts I have ever been to, as I had just lost my job and was in the middle of deep healing work to allow me to move forward as a photographer.

Bruce has long been known for his marathon concerts, and as he said so movingly in the closing moments of those most recent Irish dates: “The older you get, the more it means.”

Words all of us can relate to. This year, more than ever.

Gemini Rising

Bruce Springsteen was born on 23rd September 1949 at 22:50hrs in Freehold, New Jersey. He is Gemini Rising (yay!) and has THE MOST Libran chart I have ever seen! No less than SIX planets in the sign of Libra, Cardinal Air, thank you very much! Yup – of course, most of them are in his fifth house of creativity.

Moon, Mercury, South Node, Neptune and Ceres all in Libra. Wow. Just friggin’ wow!

All seamlessly blending into each other. And there we have it – Mercury Neptune – dreamy, highly visionary writing and creative vision. His Sun is also in Libra, but falls in his fourth house, so no wonder he has also always been such a family man behind the scenes. Unlike most artists, Bruce continues to live close to his town of birth and in New Jersey.

Interestingly enough, the only planet in retrograde in his chart is Mercury. Most of us have three or more planets in retrograde. It is unusual enough to have only one, and fascinating that this planet for him is Mercury, which rules the written and spoken word.

Letter to you

As his Mercury is conjunct his South Node and Neptune, it explains his prolific songwriting. At 71, he’s still going strong with the recent release of the sublime Letter To You album, which was inspired by the recent death of a close musical friend.

Lordy me, I’ve been playing it non-stop these last few weeks.

And yes, Mercury is his chart ruler with his Descendant being ruled by Sagittarius, his Midheaven ruled by Aquarius and his IC in Leo. It is often overlooked that the IC in Leo loves being on stage, something I can totally relate to!

And what of Bruce’s relocated chart for Dublin, I hear you ask? Well, you can read all about that and his astrocartography for Ireland in Part II of my Bruce blogs!

Bruce Springsteen image © Takahiro Kyono under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence.

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