12 Week Complete Astrology Course

Complete Astrology Course

12 Week Complete Astrology Course

Dates: Saturday 4 September  – 20 November 2021
Time:  16.00 UTC
Delivery: 12, 3-hour online Zoom workshops

Learn astrology in this easy to follow, interactive and supportive 12-week online astrology course. We will meet weekly for three hours each Saturday on ZOOM so that you can learn to create and interpret your own astrological charts. You will also be invited to join a highly interactive Facebook group, which will support your learning throughout the Complete Astrology Course. There you can post questions and discuss each week’s astrology topics to accelerate your learning process!

At the end of the course, you will be able to confidently carry out your own in-depth chart interpretation. You will have the confidence to relocate yourself, for love, work travel or major life events. And, if you are a healer or counsellor who supports clients, you will find the programme a wonderful way to add a new modality to your practice.

When you complete the programme, you will know how to work with the upcoming transits in your chart. This will empower you to make focused and informed decisions regarding home, career, family, vocation, and creativity for the benefit of yourself and others!

Price : $2,500 payment (deposit option available).
Solar Fire software will be required.


Complete Astrology Course Outline

Module One

  • The Modes and Elements
  • Planetary symbols
  • The Planets and the Lunar Nodes
  • The Houses
  • The Aspects
  • Basic Chart Interpretation

Module Two

  • Transits
  • In-depth Chart Interpretation

Module Three

  • Relocated Charts
  • Relocated Chart Interpretation
  • Astrocartography


The Complete Astrology Course includes:

  • 36 hours of professional astrology tuition across 12 3-hour online classes.
  • Recordings of all classes so you can consult them again and again as you work to deepen your understanding of astrology.
  • A natal birth chart  (Value – $250) which I will prepare for you in advance of our first workshop.
  • A comprehensive 14-page natal chart guide book.

I will also be offering additional intensive training days in November which you can use to further accelerate your grasp of astrological knowledge and learn about progressed charts and midpoints. There will also be an additional advanced Astrocartography class on offer for those who wish to investigate the astrology of location in more depth.

Sign up directly for the Complete Astrology Course below, or book a Free Discovery Call with me to find out how you can use the programme to empower your authentic self.

Please note that a time zone change on 30th October will move classes from UTC+1 to UTC.




Why Study Astrology?

Learning astrology has lots of benefits. Among them you can count:

  1. Accessing one of the oldest schools of knowledge in the world
  2. Understanding more fully your own potential and purpose
  3. Having the tools to interpret and navigate your personal life journey
  4. Being able to make sense of others and your relationships with them
  5. Knowing how to harness the power of place and the present moment as you make important decisions
  6. Knowing how to support others through their own personal journeys

Learning astrology can be a tool for personal and professional development, and it would be my pleasure to support you through that learning process. To find out more about how the benefits of studying astrology will work for you, book a Free Discovery Call with me to find out more about the Complete Astrology Course.

What I felt really worked for me was that inner sense of knowing you have with astrology that works in relationship with others the way you worked with it and let it flow. Thank you.

— M.M. Cork. Ireland.

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