Free Cosmic Creativity Webinar – Find Your Vein of Gold

Free Cosmic Creativity Webinar – Find Your Vein of Gold

Date: 8 February 2022
Time: 19:00 London | 19:00 UTC


Whether you are a writer, painter, sculptor or healer, you need to be in touch with your creativity and explore its potential to the fullest extent.

Astrology can help with this process because it helps us to recognise our unique place in the cosmos and the patterns and potential that shape our lives and ideas. In this free webinar, I will explain how you can improve your creativity and productivity, develop a new project, or capture the attention of new audiences in a compelling way.

You’ll learn more about Cosmic Creativity and about my weekly, astrology-led group writing workshops in this free introductory webinar.
My collaborative and nourishing Cosmic Creativity writing workshops use astrological knowledge and a series of writing prompts to help you access your creative impulses.

If you decide to join, your journey through the programme will be based on a natal chart reading I will prepare before we begin, and the activities in our small group online meetings will provide a fertile setting for your ideas to flourish.

With the help of the divine cosmic forces of the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, you can bring forth creative energies that are trapped, thwarted or stilled so that you can develop new ideas again.

This is a wonderful, no-obligation opportunity for you to learn more about astrology and creativity, as well as my Cosmic Creativity Writing Workshops and how they can help you to tap into your creativity in an authentic and fulfilling way.

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