Your cosmic creativity is encoded in your natal chart, which forms the blueprint of your essential self.

When you tune into that creativity and learn how to express it and enable it fully, you can begin to live a more authentic life, one in which creativity of all kinds – personal and professional – can flourish.

We are all creative beings, all of us. In more ways than we can ever imagine. Cooking, baking, and gardening are all creative acts, just as much as writing, painting, or sculpting! Simply living in the moment is being creative when we do it well. Attentive listening is creative too. And of course, creativity is often key to our professional lives, which rely on our ability to think outside what is known and given and tap into our inner knowledge and insights.

In our astrological charts, the planets the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Neptune all give great clues as to where our creativity lies and how we can best access it. When we look to understand our own cosmic creativity or that of others, a natal chart reading offers real insights into the conditions that allow creativity to flourish.

What natal birth charts tell us about cosmic creativity

When we look at the natal birth charts of great musicians and singer songwriters, they often have a strong Neptune. Neil Diamond, who turned 80 earlier this year is Neptune conjunct the North Node. So, he was simply from birth, born with the impulse to create vast work. Which he did. By the time of his Saturn Return aged 30, he had already released seven albums and “Hot August Night” – surely one of the greatest live albums ever, was released just after his Saturn return, aged 31.

Bob Dylan, who is also North Node conjunct Neptune, also turned 80 this year, and of course he is still creating.

Bono, the lead singer of U2 is Moon conjunct Neptune, born to dream, born with a desire to save the world. Which he does, in his spare time!

Paul McCartney has Neptune conjunct his Ascendant. Another massively creative artist who will turn 80 next year.

Both Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond were frequently quoted as having many of their songs come to them in dreams. Neil Diamond says of both “Holly Holy” and “Morningside” that they are dreams, and fantasies. As did Paul McCartney of “Let it be”. Pure Neptune, all of it.

Neptune transits and your cosmic creativity

Going through Neptune transits can be a time of increased vision and heightened creativity. Neptune is a slippery gossamer planet, so we may also simultaneously feel that nothing is real – a de-stabilising feeling but it often leads us to discover that things we have treated as fixed are not, and so it can be very powerful in freeing us from things that have been holding us back. Often the purpose of a Neptune transit is to remove us from the real world, in order to access heightened creativity.

How easy it can be to access our creativity, if only we dare to dream. For Neptune is all about higher dreams and vision. What are your higher dreams, and what would it take to move closer to them?

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