Individual Vein of Gold Creative Mentoring

Vein of Gold: Personalised Creativity Programme

This tailor-made, one-on-one creativity programme offers bespoke support for anyone who yearns to express their creative self or their true vocation and bring it out in the world.

For some of us, our Vein of Gold is writing, for others it is healing, or teaching, or travelling, but that rich seam of creativity within all of us can be difficult to access. This personalised programme draws on astrology and astrocartography to help you explore your creativity and prepare a plan of action for your next creative endeavour.

What is your Vein of Gold?

Julia Cameron describes it as “the area in which you are most truly yourself and from which your gifts and interests mesh and interact most smoothly and powerfully”.

This tailor-made, one-on-one package will tap into your creativity as well as the potential that emerges from your astrological chart.

For some of us, our Vein of Gold is writing, for others it is healing, or teaching, or travelling. With a greater understanding of our own potential, and clarity about our hopes and creative aims, we can turn our dreams into reality.

Let me help you find your creative passion through a personalised Vein of Gold Creativity programme. The programme involves 4, one-hour, one-to-one, personalised online consultations.

I will send you a free copy of my astrology guide book to help you understand the astrology language used prior to our first session.

Your Personalised Vein of Gold Creativity Programme

Availability: Limited places available, book early to avoid disappointment.

Session 1: We begin with your soul’s blueprint

Our work to unlock your creativity starts with your soul’s blueprint. I will create your natal astrological chart prior to our discussion, and in our initial session we will explore the significance of your chart and your hopes about where you most want to be in a year’s time, physically and creatively.

Your Natal Chart Reading: The first session provides you with an in-depth natal chart reading, which will highlight where your true creativity or vocation lies (your Moon); how your creativity manifests (Venus and Neptune), and how you write (Mercury).

Session 2: Transits and Personal Themes

The second session will explore the upcoming transits in our chart. This will cast light on how the themes of your natal chart will affect your creative endeavours for the coming six months. We will explore how you can work with these planetary themes to weave their magic into your creativity and vocation.

Session 3: Accessing the Power of the Planets

The third session covers the astrocartography of where you currently live and how to access your local planetary lines to ensure they support you in your ongoing creative process.

Session 4: Planning Your Creativity Timeline

The fourth session is highly strategic. We will plan your artist’s timeline for the next six months, and decide on the exact dates that have the best aspect for you to to complete and launch your creative project.

Each of your FOUR sessions, will last for ONE HOUR, and our online consultations will be scheduled at two-week intervals (you can begin simply by booking a date for  your first session).

In addition to your 4 consultations you will receive:

  • Two email supports a week
  • A copy of all your astrology charts
  • Zoom recordings of all sessions so that you can reflect on them in the future.

A deposit payment plan is available.

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