Astrocartogaphy is the mapping of the planets in our natal birth chart to help us find the most supportive places in the world to live, love and work. We don’t always have to permanently relocate, though of many of us do, sometimes a move for just a few days transforms everything.

As I unexpectedly discovered during five life changing days in Italy in August 2014. I returned to Ireland, utterly changed. I craved the Italian sunshine, the passion, the drama, the sheer manner in which Italians live utterly in the moment. Back in rainy drizzly Ireland I could not settle. I found myself developing the photos I had taken and plastering them everywhere in my house, A map of Italy adorned the kitchen wall, maps of Tuscany and Lucca adorned my office. My friends thought I had gone stark raving nuts. I didn’t care.

By November of that year I was living in Italy. I was going a transit from Neptune where it was trining itself. Neptune symbolises our higher vision for ourselves. At the time the move felt hard but looking back, everything unfolded with far more ease than I realised at the time. My creativity became heightened, I took to learning astrology like a duck to water, I got day jobs effortlessly.

I was finally, at 54 years of age, following a more authentic path. A few years ago, my late mother informed me blithely that she had been given the opportunity of a holiday in Italy on a boat, with myself and my sister when we were both teenagers. She turned the offer down. She must have known that if she had gone, I would never have come back!

Such is life. There are often paths there for us early on, paths we often do not take. For whatever reason. A relocated chart tells you what houses the planets in your natal chart move to, which is key to understanding before mapping the planetary lines around the world. For example, my Chiron and Ceres moved to conjunct my Midheaven in Lucca, which is where I became an astrologer. I would never have become an astrologer if I had stayed in Ireland. The Mid heaven represents your true calling and the legacy you want to leave to the world.

Understanding the current transits you are going through is also key to as you will be experiencing these transits wherever you are. Wherever I am in the world, Pluto is stll quincuxing my Moon till late next year. A constant release and letting go of home and family. Jupiter is quincunxing my Moon till November of this year. So Jupiter is enlarging this experience.

This years triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto is deepening our sense of where we belong, or do we in fact belong, are we empowered, or are we slaves to other peoples ideals of ourselves? The estate agents in Kenmare are run off their feet, people are selling up and moving to parts of Ireland where they can have a better quality of life, a slower pace for themselves and their family. Peoples souls are craving a more heartfelt life.

There is a slower more authentic rhythm to rural life. Everything In rural Ireland starts with – where are you from? And sure, why not?

Often we seek out a place that will help us with the energies of whatever transit we are going through. The pandemic does not change this. If we can’t leave our natal country, we can still choose to spend time in another part of the country. As I did two weeks ago when I went to Ballinskelligs which is less than 10 miles from where my Mercury and Pluto lines intersect. And yes, I did write more while there. I will be returning there frequently.

For those of you seeking to relocate, a natal and then transit consultation are essential first. And no, we do not understand our natal chart in just one session, nor even in ten or twenty or fifty sessions, It is a life long process, which is why I continue to work with other astrologers to continually learn and deepen my own self knowledge, so I can assist and inspire my clients to the highest level possible.

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My new website also has a resources page to assist you with your quest for a greater self knowledge.

And here is an interview I did with Tegan Marshall in August 2016 about the journey which prompted me down a more spiritual path after my divorce, eventually leading me to move to Italy. HERE .

Funny to think I have spent two and a half years also living int he USA since this podcast.Next step – Australia? Where is your soul happiest? Is it where you are now? Are you sure? If not, get in touch above!