Are you trying to help your child choose the best college course for them?

​One of our hardest pain points as parents is helping our children, now young adults, decide where to relocate for further education.

There are lots of factors that play into the decisions children make about the first phase of their adult lives. As parents, we play a role in helping and guiding those decisions as best we can, while trying not to get in the way!

Sometimes as parents, our own financial circumstances play a large part in the decision-making process. In the USA, where further education costs over ten times that of a European third-level education, family finances may legitimately play a large part in our reluctance to let our little ones fly the nest. And yet, money shouldn’t be the only consideration.

There are other factors that can be used to assess your options when you are trying to choose a college for your child, and astrology is one of them! As we search for insights that can lead towards a positive choice, it is worth thinking about how astrocartography – or locational astrology – can be used to select places to go that will support your child as fully as possible in fulfilling their true potential.

Astrocartography can help your children make a smooth transition into their independent lives as they leave the nest for the first time!

Choosing a college with astrocartography in mind

As I have said time and time again, if we are living in a part of the world where our relocated chart and our astrocartography supports us, then enhanced planetary lines can assist us greatly in living with more ease. Astrocartography can help you to pick a location that supports your child’s endeavours in powerful ways that money can’t buy! Or, it can help you to find the best places for them within more expensive parts of the world,  if those places suit them astrologically.

Places that are a good astrological fit with your natal chart can support your personal development in incredibly powerful ways. I should know! When I lived on Cape Cod for a year and a half, a part of the USA where it is notoriously difficult to find affordable year-round accommodation, my income and client base as an astrologer steadily increased, my friendships flourished and deepened, and I also had a choice of three affordable year-round accommodation options. In a town where sustaining a freelance profession was extremely difficult, I also had a steady stream of clients throughout the year.

Drawing on astrology can help you to pick places in the world that are right for your children, or places within larger locations that will support them fully, so that they can make the best possible start to their independent lives.

Choose a course that speaks to their dreams

Your child’s natal chart will help to indicate the areas where they are destined to shine, and it is important to support their inner strengths.Do we encourage our children to listen to their intuition? And are we helping them to make choices that are powerfully supported by the ways their energy interacts with the energies of the places where they are thinking of heading?

What most interests us as a child and a teenager is where the clues are to the lives we have ahead. One of the most moving sessions I ever had was with a twelve-year-old who knew exactly what she wanted to be when she “grew up”.  I told her to just go do that, to follow that path from that day on. I hope she did.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was 12 years old and now I finally am: for me,  combining insight and creativity seamlessly in my astrology, writing and painting is living my childhood dream. But my writing really began to flourish only when I moved to Tuscany and subsequently Cape Cod because those were the places where the creative aspects of my personality were best supported.

Can you match your child’s cosmic potential with places away from home that support their dreams? A college choice doesn’t have to fall between Harvard and Yale, or Oxford or Cambridge. Not if those places are less supportive of your child’s authentic self than other options that are financially realistic as well as spiritually rewarding.

This is where the importance of a natal chart, a transit chart and then an astrocartography reading really come into their own. As a parent, you can calmly have a conversation with them, treating your teenage child as the young adult they are by asking them about their ambitions. Then ask them to make a list of, say, seven desired courses but also seven places where they can attend those courses. There are ways around expensive university courses, and taking more factors than prestige into account is  a strategy that is likely to pay off!

If your young ones are pleading with you to let them study art in Florence, forensic science in San Francisco, or medicine in Brazil, listen to them. Take them seriously. And use astrological insights to feed into that discussion. An astrocartography consultation can provide valuable input into the conversations you are having with your child about where they are going to go to college.

And of course, as we are now moving increasingly to a more hybrid model of education where for the immediate future, courses are more likely to be a mix of in-person days and study-at home-days. We now actually have more choices than ever for our beloved young adults and for ourselves too!

You may long for your only daughter to be the first  in your family to go to college and become a doctor, but her natal chart may indicate that she would be more fulfilled in another career and a place that fully supports her choice! I have heard so many heartbreaking stories over the years from clients whose first words in a session are “Well, when I was younger, I wanted to study x but my parents forced me to study y”

Let astrology empower you, as a parent and your adult, or nearly adult, child to make an informed decision about their further education, by helping them knowingly pick a place that aligns with their dreams and will astrologically support them throughout their years in college.

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