An Irish president for the United States of America

Many of us will never forget November 2020, election year in the USA. An election year like no other. Four years of dictatorial madness, during which the average American set about simply living as good a life as they could, as best as they could. As we all do, mostly.

And after four nail-biting days, Joe Biden was finally named as the next President, the aftermath played out exactly as us astrologers knew it would, with Donald Trump refusing to concede defeat.

Half of Ireland went wild. Well, as wild as you could go coming into the dark, cold winter months and during a Level 5 lockdown. No dancing in the streets, no lengthy, fiercely airy Mercurial debate us Irish so love, in pubs or cafes.

So what of Biden’s chart? Often when we resonate with someone strongly, a quick look at the two charts tells us so much in seconds.

Joe Biden’s astrology

Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on 20th November 1942 at 8.30am. He’s as Scorpio as they get, folks. Sun, Venus, Mercury all in Scorpio in the still and silent 12th house, with Mars in Scorpio in the 11th house.

Mars is the least aspected planet in his chart, as it only quintiles Chiron and his North Node and septiles his Midheaven. The least aspected is an often overlooked part of someone’s chart, and means the particular planet is talking to fewer planets, hence its energy tends to be more focused.

A quintile represents an external and highly purposeful manifestation of your artistic talent along with your mental creativity.

A septile is a more internal aspect, signifying a more divine type of artistic inspiration.

Gemini traits and personality

I resonate with Biden simply from also being Sun, Mercury in the 12th house, but in the more chatty sign of Gemini. If I was to meet him and his wife Jill, who is a treble Gemini, boy we’d be walking and talking our merry way round the White House for sure!

And yet we clearly saw the quiet creativity which Biden and his team brought to his electoral campaign. No fuss, no mud slinging, just Mars in Scorpio in the 11th house of the collective, embodying a steely will and grit.

Being Venus opposed Uranus, we know he’s totally his own man, his angular Ceres on the IC which symbolises home and roots, indicating a man with deep emotional ties to home and roots. As we have seen throughout his life.

My next blog post will cover Biden’s relocated chart for Ireland and his astrocartography for the land of his ancestors. We can, for sure, expect a visit to Ireland sooner rather than later. What astrocartography lines is he likely to land on? Find out more in my next blog post.

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