The Lunar Nodes in our natal chart represent our true purpose in this lifetime on Earth. The South Node is our karmic past, where we fall into familiar patterns of behaviour; our default setting when we feel uncomfortable.

But lOve wants much more for us. lOve wants us to grow, to become our deepest truest self. This is where the North Node comes in. It represents an aspect of our chart where we have to stretch ourselves and go way beyond our comfort zone.

What are Lunar Nodes in astrology?

My forthcoming workshop will focus exclusively on the placement of the Lunar Nodes in your chart, and how they aspect the other planets. They represent where the soul longs to truly be seen.

When we meet someone with whom we feel an instant connection, it is often a nodal connection. This person may not stay long in our lives, though at the time it usually feels like they will be there forever.

Kenmare astrology workshop

Come along and learn more at the Stone Arch Holistic Centre in Kenmare, on Saturday September 19th between 10am and 12pm. I am also offering in-person consultations that afternoon which must be booked and paid for in advance.

Any queries, ring me on 087 187 9945 or email me on [email protected].

All Covid-19 guidelines will be adhered to.

Come find your true purpose folks. Life is short. Go live it.

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