A match made in Dalkey

Having looked at Matt Damon’s natal birth chart and its relevance to his extended stay in Dalkey, when it comes to his actual astrocartography for Ireland we see Neptune trining his IC just off the coast of Dublin and all along the east coast.

Neptune represents our highest self, our divine inspiration, where our creativity simply flows through us. And trining his IC means there is a powerful flow of energy supporting his vision and creativity around making Ireland a home – for the IC is Latin for Imum Coeli and represents our home and roots, and ancestral family of origin

Matt’s Moon also trines his Ascendant from Waterford right through up to Sligo and as the Moon also represents home and the feminine unconscious energy, we also have a sense of feeling emotionally seen for who he really is in Ireland.

Strong Neptune lines

In a natal chart, Neptune on the Midheaven can represent that others see an illusory vision of you – the most famous example of this being of course Princess Diana. The public did not see who she really was, only the glamourous vision of who they wanted her to be .

And Neptune also conjuncts Matt’s Descendant from Donegal to between Arklow and Wicklow. So he has two really strong Neptune lines running through the west coast of Ireland which then intersect off the coast south of Arklow.

So his visionary creativity is being hugely highlighted while in Ireland.

Energy of the planets

It is important to remember when interpreting astrocartography that the natal chart is always the main reference point. A relocated chart then tells us where the energy of the planets moves to in the new location. And the astrocartography tells us what themes are likely to be played out along these lines.

Transits however also come hugely into play as they tell us what themes are being played on in the person’s life during the year. Some transits will play out more strongly in certain areas than others. I will be writing about this in future blog posts.

Matt’s charts for the USA and Ireland along with his astrocartography map are on my Facebook page.

Bruce Springsteen

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My next astrocartography blog post will be about another American who loves Ireland – Bruce Springsteen!

Matt Damon image © Nicolas Genin/Flickr under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic licence.