Matt Damon’s Last Duel in Dalkey

Matt Damon, as many of us know, supposedly got ‘caught’ in Ireland during the first Covid lockdown while filming his new movie The Last Duel earlier in the year.

He was staying in the beautiful seaside village of Dalkey, where Enya and U2’s Bono also reside. The story goes, for we Irish do so love our stories, that he could have flown back to the USA as he is indeed an American citizen; but filming that particular chapter of the movie had finished, and he was having fun, had most of his family with him, and so he decided to stay.

The story also goes that lots of starstruck fans turned up in Dalkey endeavouring to find out his exact location, but local residents kept schtum and refused to reveal his whereabouts to anyone.

He was ‘theirs’ – well, for the time being anyway.

Jupiter in its natal house = extensive travel


Let ‘s look at Matt Damon’s astrology chart to find out more. Matt Damon was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 8th October 1970 at 15:22. His strong resonance with Ireland can be explained by looking at both his relocated chart for Dalkey and also his astrocartography for Ireland in general. Astrocartography, or locational astrology, helps us to identify the best places in the world for us to live, work or travel, and so it can help us to understand Matt Damon’s decision to stay in Dublin.

Having lived myself for six months in Boston, where 40% of Bostonians claim Irish heritage, I can understand how Matt would have grown up knowing a lot about Ireland anyway, even before coming here to film.

Matt’s natal birth chart shows him as Aquarius Rising with Venus and Neptune conjunct each other on either side of his Midheaven, all in Scorpio, fixed water. His Jupiter is also in Scorpio in the ninth house. So with Jupiter in its natal house, we know that constant and extensive travel is an innate part of his chart – acting or no acting.

Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon’s astrology also shows the Sun conjunct Uranus conjunct Mercury natally, all in the Cardinal Air sign of Libra. And his Mercury is also conjunct Pluto (which is in the sign of Virgo and is also conjunct Mars in Virgo). Lots of conjunctions in a personal natal chart can manifest as determination, with also an element of blind-sightedness: a certain “you mean not everyone is like this, not everyone has the same laser beam focus I have?”.

Being Aquarius rising means Uranus is his natal chart ruler and with Uranus being conjunct his natal Sun, we have a sense of someone who has been his own person from a very early age. Hence, writing the iconic Good Will Hunting while at Harvard University.

In Matt’s relocated natal chart for Dalkey, he becomes Gemini Rising, so Mercury becomes his chart ruler while he is in Ireland. Cancer then rules his IC, the aspect of our chart which represents home, roots and our family of origin. Rumour has it that the people of Dalkey adopted Matt Damon as one of their own and refused point blank to tell day trippers about the place that became his home for much longer than expected.

Interestingly, Matt Damon’s Neptune, Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Uranus all move to his sixth house – how you do your day job, routine and structure. And with his Neptune becoming angular on his Descendent, no wonder he retreated from the world so easily! It is certainly the busiest sixth house I have seen for quite some time.

And what of the actual astrocartography for Matt in Ireland, I hear you ask? Well, you can read all about that here.

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Matt Damon image © Nicolas Genin/Flickr under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic licence.
Dalkey image © Conor Luddy/Unsplash.

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