Understanding the meaning of astrological transits in your life can help you to achieve powerful change.

As I explained in last week’s blog on transit forecasts,  a transit reading will help you to understand how the current positions of the planets cast their influence over your natal birth chart and the patterns and potential that form your cosmic blueprint.

A transit forecast can shed light on the issues that are affecting your life today, and when you realise how  planetary themes influence your work, relationships or creative expression right now, it can allow you to be more compassionate to yourself about difficulties or challenges you are facing. Understanding the meaning of astrological transits can also help you to identify moments and opportunities that will allow you to move towards fulfilling your dreams.

Your transits teach you about the opportunities and challenges that are present at this moment in your life, and so major transits represent the possibility of learning and growth. Whether or not you take on that chance to learn from your transits, they are going to affect your life anyway!

Not wanting to work through transits is like not wanting to go out in the rain. We simply have to do that work so we can empower ourselves in times of change. Are you ready to face what your transits are trying to teach you?

South Node transits

The Lunar Nodes in your natal birth chart offer a huge amount of insight into your cosmic purpose. The North and South nodes are the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the earth’s orbit around the Sun. The position at the moment of your birth gives you an understanding of your authentic self and its true potential.

The position of those nodes at the current moment, revealed in your transit forecast, sheds light on how well you can express that authentic self and realise that potential. And, as these transits take around 18 months to occur, they can influence your plans over the short and medium term. The meaning of your south node transits gives you a useful aid as you deal with the issues you face now and it can also help you to navigate the months ahead.

Understanding the meaning of astrological transits allows you to keep track of your dreams for your authentic self at the same time as you deal with the reality of your life today!

If your South Node is in the eleventh house and you have Neptune transiting it, then there is a dreaminess around how you are seen in groups and societies. You may not be seen in the way you expect to be seen, and it may be difficult for you to persuade those around you to appreciate your strengths or listen to your voice. When you know that this issue is influencing your life, you can take steps to address it, using other insights from your transit forecast to create a more supportive environment for your self-actualisation.

The meaning of astrological transits and relocation

A relocation will shift the meaning that transits have for you at any given time. That is why understanding the meaning of transits is so valuable when you are considering relocation (and that’s something I discuss in much more detail in my blog on the role of transits in astrocartography!)

Transits combined with astrocartography are the ultimate aid to empowering yourself throughout your life. Wherever you go in the world, your transits will follow you. However, the energy of the transits will play out in different houses in your chart if you relocate.

For example, if you move somewhere where your South Node moves – say to your fourth house – then there will be a dissolving of how you are seen in home and family. There are times in your life when that dissolution is exactly what you need to move forward! But there will also be moments when you want to strengthen the ways people already understand and relate to you.

When you take on the lessons your transits have for you, you can make the best possible decisions about your life.

Neptune transits


Neptune transits have different lessons to offer us. While the planets slow movement means that its full transit lasts longer than our lifetimes, its aspects influence us in different ways for periods of around six months. Understanding the meaning of Neptune transits, then, can be helpful again in planning for the medium term.

Neptune usually symbolises letting go. If Neptune is trining itself, then that will be a time for visionary action, a time when everything just unfolds perfectly. If Neptune is aspecting Mercury, if it is a trine or a conjunction, and you are a creative persion, then your writing will take on visionary qualities. If it is squaring or opposing Mercury, then there will be more effort involved in your writing. It will still have a more visionary aspect than usual, but you will have to work a bit harder at it.

Understanding the meaning of astrological transits in your life can help you to achieve powerful change because transits show you how your cosmic potential is interacting with the currents in your life now.

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