This is my prayer for you for 2021

May you have emerged from 2020 with a greater depth to your soul than you ever thought possible. May you continue to heal from your wounds of loss, of suffering, of grief. May you find joy in the smallest things – sunshine, laughter, a walk with a friend, writing a letter to a loved one.

May you embrace your creativity like never before. May you dance like no one is watching. May you gently walk away from those who wish to keep you small. May you love fiercely and deeply. May you know which opportunities to grasp fiercely and run with, even when you have no idea where they would take you. May you write and sing and paint like never before.

May you have learned that the small things are in fact, the big things, the important stuff.

May you gently let go of resistance and embrace what is. May you stop wishing for how things should be an embrace and accept how they actually are. May you start to learn that the riches of the soul and heart and mind far outweigh riches in the bank (though, that helps!). May you embrace silence and long walks solo. They are so good for the soul. May you cherish your home and all those you love.

May you continue to shoot for the moon, and if you miss, well, hey, you’re still landing amongst the stars!

May you learn to stand out from the crowd, even if that means trembling in fear as you walk your soul’s path alone. For I promise you this, when you do so, fellow travellers will quietly join you along the way. Let them. They are angels in human form sent to guide you.

May you step outside your comfort zone again and again. May you stretch yourself. Growth comes from the uncomfortable task of learning something new. It takes time, but you can do it, baby steps count. Five baby steps a day add up to almost 2,000 baby steps a year. May you publish your book. May you continue to paint, write, sing and dance for the Muse herself. And for your own sake, for art’s sake. Letting go of the outcome.

My prayer for you is that you will learn that you’re stronger, fiercer and more full of love and compassion than you ever, ever thought possible.

And what is your prayer for you?

It can be helpful to set our intentions for the year ahead, and to think about what our hopes are for the coming 12 months. Journaling, visualisation, or just some quiet time for reflection can help us to decide how we will use the new year to move closer to our life goals. You may find it helpful to use a dream diary to help you surface some of your deepest hopes. It can also be useful to book an astrology session to find out how planetary energies can be harnessed to enable your progress in 2021.Transit forecasts are incredibly helpful tools for helping us to move our lives forward as seamlessly and painlessly as possible, and ongoing transit forecasts can be used throughout the year to keep your plans on track.

May you have an extraordinarily glorious 2021.
Love always Martha.

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