Natal Birth Chart

Natal Birth Chart – (60 mins) – $250


Your birth chart is your cosmic blueprint.

It represents the raw essence of you, stripped from the expectations placed on you by your family, your job, and society. 

A professional astrology reading can help you to unpack your chart’s significance. And it can shed light on how you can resolve personal and professional issues that are affecting your happiness. Before our consultation, I will prepare your chart by mapping the positions of the planets at the moment of your birth.

Using the ancient wisdom of astrology, I will reveal the patterns and potential the cosmos created for you. Then, together, we will explore how you can harness your cosmic blueprint to improve complex aspects of your life.

Your birth chart reading  will give you a greater understanding of what is triggering you subconsciously, particularly within your family of origin. It can help you to access your emotional needs and understand how to have them met. It can also show you how to communicate better, and how to access your wealth, value system, and creativity.

In our confidential consultation, I will gently help you explore the themes your reading highlights. I will also equip you with insights you can use to improve your life and achieve fulfilment in the future.

Your Natal Birth Chart Reading

Before our session, I will create your birth chart for you. We will then discuss the chart, its patterns, insights, and its meaning for you in your personal natal birth chart session. You can use the lessons your chart offers to empower yourself and find greater joy and fulfilment in your life.  When you gain an understanding of the patterns in your chart, it can help you to shake off the baggage that has accumulated in your life so far.

The patterns and potential your birth chart reveals provide insights into your life now and the choices that are available to you. Your birth chart is a powerful tool that can help you to move forward in a purposeful and intentional way, guided by your authentic self.

All sessions are confidential and take place over Zoom at a time of your choosing.  A natal birth chart session can be booked as an individual astrology session. A natal chart reading is also the first step needed if you would like to continue to a transit or astrocartography consultation.

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