Why your natal birth chart is key to mapping your future

Many people will arrange a birth chart reading to gain a greater understanding of what is triggering them subconsciously, particularly within their family of origin. A natal reading can help people to access their emotional needs and understand how to have them met.

When you are looking to draw on insights from locational astrology, a natal chart is invaluable. That’s because, as well as explaining your beginning, your birth chart also offers insights into where you are going!

Mapping the lines from your natal birth chart

An astrocartographer will use your original natal birth chart to map the planetary lines from that chart across the world. By helping you to interpret those lines, they can help you to pick destinations and homes that are fully aligned with your personal goals and your authentic self.

The fundamental principle of locational astrology is based on planet angularity – the planets proximity and aspects to the four main axis of the natal birth chart – The Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant and IC – Imum Coeli (meaning home and roots). I’ll be talking more about the other steps in the process in the weeks ahead!

But none of this interpretation is possible without careful attention to where you began in the world and the moment at which you entered the world, unencumbered by the worries and uncertainties that have crowded in since that moment.

My reading and our discussion of your birth chart, will help you to uncover your hopes, strengths and potential in ways that will help you imagine the kind of future you most want to live.

When we have a clear sense of who we are and where we come from, we can make mindful and purposeful decisions about where we want to go and how we want to life from now on.

Knowing where you come from, and fully understanding your potential is a crucial step towards making relocation and travel plans.

Only when the natal chart reading and discussion are completed will you be ready to move on to the next step in the astrocartography process which is the reading of your transit forecast.

The next steps

After your natal chart has been created and interpreted, the transit forecast moves you astrocartography experience to a new level. When your transit reading is interpreted, we start to take into account how you are positioned in the cosmos at the current moment.

Then, in your final astrocartography reading in which we consider your astrocartography maps, we will go on to pinpoint those future locations which will best enable you to flourish and prosper.

Your natal birth chart – the key to your role in the cosmos – remains a vital part of this whole process as you begin to chart the movement of your life forward into its next, most fulfilling, phase.

A natal birth chart session can be booked as an individual session. A natal chart reading is also the first step needed if you would like to continue to a transit or astrocartography consultation. Feel free to book a natal chart reading or a Free Discovery Call to find out more.

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