The New Moon is a time of intention setting for what you want to bring into your life in the next six months, when the Full Moon will then be in the sign of Leo. This current New Moon however has a deeper more sombre feel to it. It is quincunx Saturn, which is also quincinxing Mercury and the Sun. A quincunx is an adjustment and letting go, the final stage before the opposition which brings both illumination and confrontation. Saturn of course, represents structure, order, rules. The old rules are being deconstructed, the new ones have yet to be formed. It will be a while…..

So ask yourselves, how have you been doing the shadow work of the soul these last few weeks? Yes, Covid is dragging on, and the divides in society are becoming ever more apparent. To wear a mask or not? To use contactless payment or insist on cash? To continue to stay at home as much as possible or to venture out? There will be no new normal.

And ask yourselves, what is normal anyway? We have yet to reach the peak of this colossus of a year, later in September and again in November when even more titanic changes await us.

But your soul can continue its own journey. Your soul knows the way. The planets know where they are going, if only we dare trust ourselves enough to follow them. So ask yourselves, what soulful intentions are you setting for what you wish to bring into your life in the coming six months? More love, more time with family and friends, a slower pace of life, more time in nature ?To learn to sing, or play an instrument perhaps?

Astrology continues to guide us through phenomenal changes, the likes of which we are still processing. Governments continue to scare the living daylights out of us, using emotional manipulation of the highest degree under the guise of patriotism. As Andrew Smith mentioned in his own post about this New Moon, the Yin professions were largely decimated, whereas the Yang professions carried on just fine and dandy (my words not his!) At a time when we never more needed holistic services like homeopathy and acupuncture and other healing modalities, these services had to close. Creches and childcare services, which of course are largely run by women, also closed, yet to reopen. While of course the banks stayed open., and government bodies worked from home. Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, Linkedin, Instagram…all busier than ever.

The planets know where they are going. They always always do. We also have Pluto semi squaring Ceres, hence a deep and profound emphasis on transformation and empowerment of the feminine energy, the feminine way of nurturing around land and family. A fitting aspect for Michelle Obama’s blisteringly majestic speech at the Democratic Convention last night….She feels the nations pain in the USA and brings eloquent and healing words to what so many Americans are feeling right now.

If you would like a report on where the New Moon falls in your chart and what is being highlighted for you in the coming months, I am offering a natal and transit chart and a 15 minute ZOOM recording for $50. Email me at to request one. If you have not worked with me before, I need your date time and place of birth.

My Facebook live about this current New Moon is HERE

Till next time, dear readers. Go do the work of Saturn during this New Moon. The dark recesses of your soul will thank you for it in the months to come.

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light get in” – Anthem by Leonard Cohen.