A New Moon in Virgo this September gives you a powerful moment to make big decisions in your life.

A New Moon is always a time of setting new intentions for everything that you wish to bring into completion in your life before, in six months’ time, the Full Moon returns again to the sign of Virgo.

It is perfect timing therefore for the Irish Leaving Cert students who spend this week deciding whether to go to university, defer, take a year out or pursue an alternative path altogether. If only they had consulted an astrologer before filling out their CAO forms and making their choice of college, they could have benefitted from learning where best to live the next stage of their lives too through astrocartography!

For those of you who have not sat this Irish end-of-school exam, it is one of the most rigorous around. I should know, I still carry the scars of passing. When I made the big decision to learn astrology a few years ago, memories of that relentless study came back. But my decision to learn astrology was the right one, and working on teaching astrology more is the focus of my own plans for the months ahead.

Is it hard to learn astrology?

Yet I did eventually return to university 25 years later to do an Arts degree in Italian and French in Swansea, during my Uranus opposition. Even then, however, I found examinations hard to bear. But when it came to studying counselling, Feng Shui and then astrology later in my life, it was as easy as eating chocolate all day! Why? Because I was passionate about all the subjects.

As I read recently in an Irish newspaper, there are no university places for yoga, jewellery-making or – ye Gods! – astrologers. And yet what did we need most these past six months? Therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga – all feminine services that were forced to close down, while the masculine professions such as banking and Google, Facebook – and yes of course, Zoom – did better than ever.

New Moon in Virgo 2020

After a difficult time and with more uncertain days ahead, we all need to rest and reflect. This New Moon trines both Saturn and Pluto, so we can expect to see more deep and raw emotion being expressed. Even deeper wounds being revealed.

Mars is also quincunxing both the Sun and the Moon, so we may see repressed frustration and anger being expressed. Think Brexit and the shenanigans of the UK government, currently trying to wriggle its way out of a deal which took three long years to negotiate.

As someone wrote some months back, “The Brits are at it again”. Throw in a USA currently burning to the ground all along the West Coast and you begin to get a smidgeon of the global chaos still all around us.

New Moon blessings

And what can I do to set intentions this New Moon, I hear you ask yourself? Well, you can go pick blackberries. Make jam.

In true Virgo fashion, clean your home. Start nesting down for autumn. Bring in firewood. Wash your windows. Put more structure round your shorter days. Cycle and walk instead of taking the car. Prioritise rest. It’s been a hair-raising few months and we are still in the storm.

As for myself, I have created a beautiful artist’s studio in my spare room from the simplest of objects. A cardboard eco-desk, pretty pink voile curtains, a fold out pink trestle table/desk, some soft green cushions. And the rest will follow.

I am using this New Moon in Virgo to make my own creative plans for the future. Already I am writing more seamlessly.  And I continue to put more Virgo structure around my business, which continues to flourish in these troubling times.

Lunar Nodes workshop

I am running an astrology workshop on the Lunar Nodes in Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland, on Saturday September 19th. I am also available for in-person consultations that afternoon. The Lunar Nodes represent what our soul is here in this lifetime to learn and experience and they often represent our true calling. This is an ideal astrology workshop for those of you with undecided Leaving Cert students! All current government guidelines will be followed and instructions emailed beforehand.

To book an online astrology reading with me at any time, see my booking page HERE.