We have the November Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Scorpio shaping the time ahead!

What a grand finale we have coming up towards the end of 2021! We have a real powerhouse of a lunar eclipse which of course coincides with a Full Moon  – this time in the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio on the 19th November 2021.

With such a fixed chart – with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, and the Full Moon along with Uranus in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus, along with Jupiter and Saturn in the Fixed Water sign of Aquarius, the 19th is really a day for standing still within yourself. A time to reflect at the deepest level possible on what has evolved for you in your life during the tumultuous year of 2021. For many of us, 2021 was far more challenging than 2020, in ways we never imagined.

So, ask yourself, what did you let passively happen to you this year? What did you let go of? What did you change in your life? Where did you go with the flow?

What does an eclipse mean astrologically?

Eclipses are times of powerful transformational change and herald significant beginnings and endings, along with unexpected events. For those of you in the USA, it falls a week before Thanksgiving, which is the most significant of American celebrations. Irrespective of what you feel about the origins of Thanksgiving, it remains one of the most joyous weeks in the American calendar. It is not about lavish gifts, or money spent, but rather a time spent with family and close friends. A time where Americans cross continents to be reunited with their family.

This Full Moon will be conjunct the North Node and Ceres, which are both in Taurus, with Ceres still in retrograde. So, we can expect the global focus on climate change and the environment to continue. You may finally feel compelled to grow your own vegetables…at last…after years of dithering. It’s actually easier than you think. And yes, incredibly rewarding.

Expect deep intense energy

And along with the deep intense energy of so many planets in Scorpio, we also have a beautiful trine from Neptune to both the Sun and Mercury. It really will be an eclipse more powerful than you may now imagine. It takes time to manifest our dreams. Growing into our true self often involves sacrifices beyond anything we ever imagined.

I should know! I returned to Ireland last June thinking it would be for six months. A year and a half later, I am still here and this time spent in my native land under incredibly challenging circumstances, but I have lived in a different place than before, (Kerry rather than West Cork) and this has evoked profound healing and creativity beyond anything I ever imagined. Learning to paint via ZOOM during lockdown was life-changing, and now I can’t get enough of painting and want to learn all the aspects – pastels, watercolours, acrylics, oils…bring it on! All of it!

And with Mars also opposing Uranus, this week, do expect the unexpected. Seriously.

My prayer for you all is to let this lunar eclipse be a time of expansion, of dropping your fears around trying something new. Let it be a time where you take a few days off and stand still within yourself. What do you want to shed? And I mean really shed. What would you like to have in your life in six months time?