Ongoing Transit Forecasts

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Ongoing Transit Forecasts – $1000

Six Transit Forecasts for the price of 5


Gain regular, timely insights into your identity, relationships, work, and creativity through regular transit readings.

Ongoing Transit Forecasts can help you to unblock your mindset, career, relationships and creativity.

Your natal birth chart focuses on the moment of your birth. It is your cosmic blueprint, and it helps you to understand your life’s potential. A transit forecast helps you to explore your life now and the planetary energies that are affecting your ability to fulfil that potential. And a series of transit forecasts can guide you through momentous changes and challenges, helping you to find your way along your chosen path!

Are you going through a major change in your life – like divorce or children leaving home? Or you are looking to start an important new project that has the potential to transform your spiritual, professional or creative life? If so, it makes sense to check in with the planetary energies that are affecting you, and to keep in touch with them as you navigate change.

Ongoing transit forecasts can inform and guide, helping you to recognise and use your strength through lifestyle shifts, career transitions, creative projects, or periods of uncertainty.

Ongoing transit forecasts allow you to harness the power of the planets to support your development. They also allow for really deep exploration of your purpose and progress towards your life goals. In our series of transit consultations, scheduled at your own pace, we will explore the insights astrology offers into your day-to-day challenges and life decisions. Each of our confidential, online astrology consultations will give you an important space for reflection and renewal!

So, book a transit forecast series with me and equip yourself with a greater understanding of your life and the patterns that shape it. You will be able to unlock your bravery, true personality, and your best instincts and move towards the future with confidence!

Payment plan available.

Your Transit Forecasts

A transit reading series can help you to understand how planetary patterns and your authentic self are interacting in the current moment.

A series of transit readings offers you key insights at major transitional moments in your life and sheds light on new opportunities, helping you to plan your way forward and guiding you along the way. Each forecast gives you an opportunity to explore deep family dynamics, career options, or other significant life changes.

With a clear sense of your own potential in this moment and over time, you will be better able to navigate the days that lie ahead.

All transit sessions take place online via Zoom consultations, and are fully confidential. A natal chart reading is a prerequisite for the Ongoing Transit Forecasts package.

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