Your planetary lines have important meanings in astrology – and they matter most in astrocartography, the astrology of location!

An astrocartography map takes into account where the Sun, Moon, and planets interact with the angles or ‘points’  of your Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven (MC) and IC.  Being on a line will give you to the concentrated “energies” of the one planet (or two) involved.

There are two types of relocated charts – the first one is created when I regenerate your natal chart as if you had been born in the new location where you are considering doing something important in your life. This chart shows how the sky looked when you were born, not at your birthplace, but in the place where you might go next.

While your natal birth chart tells us all about your cosmic purpose and where the planets were at the moment of your birth, we need a relocated chart to see how the potential and promise it shows for you will be affected by a new location. Different houses will have different emphases when you move to a new place. You probably know that feeling of spending time somewhere and sensing that it truly energised or frustrated your best self!

Your original birth chart and a transit forecast are needed before an astrocartography consultation, so that both of these charts can be relocated to give you a clear picture of where is the right place for you to be now.

Planetary lines tell us how places will interact with your purpose

When you are thinking about relocating for love, work, learning, or a creative opportunity, it is important to consider how your new location will  interact with your astrological charts. Planetary lines are where the energy of a particular planet plays out. If you live close to a Mercury line, then communication will be enhanced. Close to your Sun line, you will feel more alive and vibrant. Close to your Moon line you will feel more at home. Close to your Mars line, you will find you are more inclined to take action.

It is really important to note how the planetary energy is playing out. Astrocartography is all about how the planets interact with the four angles in a natal birth chart – the Ascendant, the Descendant, the Midheaven and the IC. If a planet is conjuncting one of the angles, then that planet’s energy is totally blended with the relevant angle. If it is squaring one of the angles, you have to work harder to manifest its energy, as a square is all about manifestation.

A professional astrocartography consultation allows you to really explore the full potential of a new place for you. The minor aspects really come into their own when you know what to look for! For example, a quintile represents an external and highly purposeful manifestation of your artistic talents and mental creativity. So, if the Moon is quintiling your Descendant, we will see that, in the place we are considering, your creativity will flow in an inner, lunar, intuitive manner. If Jupiter is noviling your Midheaven, then there is a strong element of magic involved in putting yourself out there.

Many people forget to think about how astrology affects their business ventures. And poor old Saturn always gets a bad rap in astrology anyway, but if you are bringing a new business out into the world, then living close to a Saturn line can really help with that. In fact, planetary lines are often key to financial astrology, informing decisions people make about trades and strategy at the highest levels.

The power of places where you have no planetary lines

What is often forgotten is how powerful it can be to spend some time in a part of the world where you have no planetary lines. Think too about spending time where your least-aspected planet is, as that can help you to bring the energy of that planet much more strongly into your life.

There are key moments in all of our lives when turning to astrocartography and understanding your planetary lines becomes really helpful! To  book a professional astrocartography consultation with me, you will need a natal birth chart reading and a transit forecast before your astrocartography session. A Free Discovery Call can be useful if you would like to find out the best ways that I can help you through astrology!

You can  learn more about astrocartography here. I also talk about astrocartography regularly in my astrology blog posts. I am running an international webinar on astrocartography with ISAR on the 11th July 2021 – to take part, sign up here to learn more about how to change your life with astrocartography.

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