How your Sun is aspected in your chart, shows how you shine, how you present your very essence to the world. 

The Moon symbolises our internal emotions, our sense of security and stability. and we tend to need to live with someone before we understand their Moon and how they relate to others. It shows that types of emotional attachment we may have, what style of living feels comfortable to you.  

Mercury indicates the style of communication you most excel at, and how you best communicate.

Venus symbolises beauty, truth, love, our ability to experience pleasure. Venus also symbolises our sense of values and our sense of justice, and to a certain extent our finances. 

Mars is the planet of drive, action, purpose and “getting things done” Where Mars is in our chart is where we have the greatest drive.

Jupiter represents expansion, higher wisdom, travelling, lecturing, marketing and teaching.

Saturn represents routine, discipline and structure. Your Saturn Returnbetween the ages of 28 to 30 is when you become an adult, and the 2nd Saturn Return between the ages of 58 to 60 is when you become the Wise Elder.

Uranus in the higher octave of Mercury and rules technology, flash fire inspiration and where your true genius lies.

Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus and represents where you truly find your bliss, your utmost spirituality.

Pluto represents deep utter transformation at the most intense level possible.  A Pluto transit will strip you of that which you no longer need and brings about total rebirth and irrevocable change.

Chiron is where and how you heal, Chiron was half man half centaur and Master of all the arts including astrology

Ceres is where and how you nurture yourself and others. It is increasingly seen as representing the mother.

The Lunar Nodes represent our karmic past (South Node) and subsequently what our soul is here in this lifetime to learn (North Node). They are not actual planets, rather imaginary points in space where the Moons’ path crosses the apparent path of the Sun, as seen from the Earth.