I regularly take part in astrology interviews and astrocartography discussions in Ireland and the United States.

Here, you can browse a small sample of my astrology interviews both in Ireland and Boston, USA, in print and on TV.  To contact me for interviews about astrology or other media opportunities, please use the website contact form.


Can’t Decide Where in the World to Live? This Irish Woman Follows the Stars

Interview with The Irish Times

I discussed astrocartography – the art of picking the best place in the world to live – with The Irish Times in a wide-ranging interview that drew on my own experience of moving between Ireland, Italy and the US. 


How the Planets Affect Our Lives

Interview with Deirdre Walsh – Radio Kerry

Leonardo and Michelangelo: The Astrological Significance

Article in The Florentine

In my article for the Florentine, I discuss the astrology and astrocartography of the marvelous city of Florence and discuss what part they played in nurturing and supporting the talent of these extraordinary men.

Meet Martha Clarke

Interview in The Boston Voyager

In my interview with the Boston Voyager I got to talk about my approach as an astrologer and how I bring my own experience of relocation and emotional upheavals into my astrology consultations as a resource for others.


My Astrology Television Show

In my television show on Provincetown Community Television, I interviewed some fascinating women and discussed their astrological charts.


Astrology Interview with Molly Fitzpatrick

I began by telling the story of how I became an astrologer and an astrocartographer and then interviewed Molly. As the conversation goes on, I help Molly to understand the significance of the personal planets in Molly’s natal chart – the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Mars, as well as her Ascendant (aka Rising Sign).

Link: The Martha Clarke Astrology Show – Episode 1 on Vimeo


Astrology Interview with Lena Rubin

Lena Rubin and I discussed our relationships through the lens of astrology. We also had an in-depth conversation about the creative planets in Lena’s chart – Venus, Mercury and Neptune.

Link: The Martha Clarke Astrology Show – Episode 2 – Lena Rubin on Vimeo


Astrology Interview with Heather Gonzalez

I interviewed Heather Gonzalez and discussed her triple Gemini chart. I also explored the significance of Heather’s personal planets, and talked with Heather about current planetary energies and their global significance, in particular Mars square Uranus.

Link: Martha Clarke Astrology Show – Episode 3 on Vimeo


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