The right places at the right times

When we look at the relocated natal charts for both Harry and Meghan, certain aspects of their life fall immediately into place.

In Vancouver, Harry’s Sun moves to his twelfth house, hence he can immediately begin to retire somewhat from the world. No planets on his MC, but a large emphasis on his third house where his Mars, Uranus Neptune and Jupiter move to – hence, high ideals around family and tribe, along with an eclectic early home life for baby Archie.

When the couple then moved to Los Angeles and Santa Barbara/Montecito, Uranus moves to Harry’s second house of moveable talents and skills. Chiron moves to his eighth house (It moved to his ninth house in Vancouver). His Venus, which moved to his first house in Vancouver, stays there in Los Angeles but becomes angular.

As Harry became Libra rising in both Vancouver and Los Angeles, Venus is the planet which now rules both charts. Therefore, harmony, balance, fairness and justice become the lens through which Harry now sees the world. Oh, and finances too! Important when they have declared their wish to be financially independent from the Royal Family.

As Meghan was born in Los Angeles, which is directly below Vancouver, her chart barely changes between both cities. Her Ascendant moves by five degrees as does her MC, IC and Descendant. But apart from that, nothing else changes for Meghan.

Astrocartography for relocation

And when we look at the astrocartography for both of them for Vancouver, well there it all is! When it comes to relocation, it is the person who makes the decision who carries most of the energy. So while we may surmise that Meghan was the driving person behind it, we don’t know.

But when we see Vancouver (her Moon, Jupiter and Saturn lines go right through the city), they conjunct her IC – hence, she couldn’t be more at home there! Then when she moved to Los Angeles these lines fall off the coast of LA; they are out of range but her Sun then trines her Midheaven right through Los Angeles. My how she is already shining there!

Jupiter also quintiles her Ascendant there, so we can expect creativity, and quite possibly, more children. Or else, a focus on working with children.

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

In Vancouver, Harry has Uranus (the planet symbolising eclectic, radical unexpected change and also where we are our truest most authentic self) to the right of Vancouver, trining his Descendant, perfect for creating an eclectic new role with the ‘others’ in his life – which for him at that point in his life changing move would have mostly symbolised the Royal Family.

Fascinatingly, he also has Jupiter conjunct his IC, not near Vancouver, but off the coast of Vancouver Island. As we know, they were on Vancouver Island rather than in Vancouver itself; Harry would have been in range with the exact same planetary lines he shared with Meghan on this remote island.

Prince Harry’s charity work

Down in Los Angeles (or more accurately Montecito, where the couple now live outside Santa Barbara), Harry is exactly on his Saturn line – as Saturn trines his Midheaven, indicating he is ready to take on different and more worldly responsibilities.

And with his Taurean Moon, which symbolises home and roots, septiling his Midheaven he has made a much more conscious choice about his future public and private life. Mercury also septiles his Descendant here, indicating he will also be more consciously choosing the topics and causes he wants to speak out about and support.

Did Harry and Meghan consult an astrocartographer before this life changing move?! Who knows. But it will be fascinating to see their lives play out so differently away from the pressures of the Royal Family and an increasingly outdated monarchy.

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My next few blogs will be all about the forthcoming USA Presidential election as well as the natal, current transit and progressed charts of Trump, Biden and Harris!

I safely predict it will be a heart stopping few weeks in November, folks!

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle image © Northern Ireland Office/Flickr under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
Vancouver Island image © Lesley Derksen/Unsplash

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