A Right Royal Affair

Long, long ago and far away, in a faraway land; long, long before the world had even heard of Covid-19, and not long before the ludicrous shenanigans of an ongoing Brexit, a much earlier thunderstorm hit the United Kingdom and in particular the Royal Family.

The announcement around the 8th of January that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were stepping down from Royal duties to relocate to North America took the world by storm.

At the time, they were still on Vancouver Island for a six-week stay with their newborn son, Archie. Within a day, a neutrally worded announcement came from the Royal Family’s Twitter account that there were many complicated issues to resolve.

Apparently Her Majesty had been, ahem… a bit blindsided by their announcement. The rest of the world was aghast. “They can’t, they simply can’t walk away”, “How could they”, “Sure, she was only ever after Harry’s money anyway”, “Meghan rules the roost in that relationship”, “She’s shallow”, “They don’t care a jot about the Royal Family, not really. If they did, they would not walk away”.

But walk away they did. Within a few short weeks it was pretty much all done and dusted.

Relocation Astrology

Their original aim was apparently to spend half their time in the UK and the other half between Canada and North America, as Meghan’s mother lives in Los Angeles. What new mum does not crave to be close to her own mum when she first becomes a mother? Why, your own mother is the first person you turn to. I know I did.

I took particular interest in their story as I was in the process of relocating myself, from Cape Cod on the USA’s East Coast, to either San Francisco or Portland, Oregon on the West Coast. I had yet to decide.

We can read and re-read the tabloids, we can speculate forever as to the real reason and motives for this unprecedented move. And, more poignantly, we can listen and reflect on Prince Harry telling us how he felt about the press who hounded his mother, Princess Diana, before her death. He wasn’t going to let the media treat his beloved wife the same way.

No siree. Period. No arguments.

Buckingham palace



Or we can simply turn to astrology and astrocartography to give us the answers. Which of course, it does.

We sometimes tend to think of Meghan as part-Canadian, due to the six years she lived there while filming Suits. But she is not. She is American, and it is so poignant to listen to her interview when she says she really did not know anything about the importance of the Royal Family in the UK when she met Prince Harry. She really didn’t.

So let’s look at their natal charts.

What do the houses mean in astrology?

Prince Harry was born on 15th September 1984 at 4.20 pm in London, England. He is three years younger than his wife, interesting in itself. He is Capricorn rising, so Saturn rules his chart. His Saturn is also angular at 12 degrees Scorpio in his ninth house on his MC, which is also in Scorpio. Fascinatingly enough, his Saturn, apart from being his chart ruler and angular on his MC, is otherwise almost un-aspected. It merely septiles his Jupiter and semisquares his Neptune. He is Neptune Jupiter in the twelfth house, which as I have seen time and time and time again, represents vast expansion and vision. In the twelfth house though, it takes time to manifest.

Harry’s Jupiter is in the earthy Yin Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, hence he is pragmatic and solid. His Neptune is in the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius and, along with his Mars, Uranus and South Node also in Sagittarius, we see the drive for excitement and expansion – and yes – travel.

Harry’s angular Moon in Taurus, Fixed Earth conjunct the IC with Ceres in Taurus also conjunct the IC along with his North Node, all in the fourth house of home and family, indicating a hunger and longing for a solid stable home and family life. Something which we all know changed when his parents separated when he was just 10-years-old.

A devastating experience, even for a prince of one of the most famous families in the world. So much harder for young Harry, because of their fame.

His Chiron in Gemini in the fifth house shows his wound around expressing himself Hence his wound is also around being playful, being carefree, being unconditionally loved, and unconditionally loving himself.

Astrology and major life decisions

And what of Meghan Markle’s chart?

Meghan Markle was born on 4th August 1981 at 4.46 am in Los Angeles. She is Cancer Rising with a stellium in Leo, Fixed Fire in her first house – Sun, North Node and Mercury, all in Leo. We see straight away that Prince Harry’s angular Moon on the IC attracted a woman who also has an angular Moon on the IC and is Cancer Rising, so the Moon is therefore her chart ruler.

Her airy Moon in Cardinal Air Libra conjunct both Saturn and Jupiter in her third house. Moon in Libra must have been such a breath of fresh air to Harry’s wounded Chiron in Gemini.

And we can see how Meghan’s angular Saturn also perfectly complements his angular Saturn. She puts structure round home and family (IC), while he puts structure round his public royal duties and life out in the world (MC).

Their unexpected break from the Royal Family should therefore have been no real surprise, coming as it did. at the start of this year’s Pluto Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn. As a major life decision it was carried out in a very Saturnian yet also lunar manner. Utmost respect shown to the Royal Family, yet Saturnian determination to get on with their lives in their own way, as new parents.

So how does relocation to Vancouver and then finally Los Angeles explain a more supportive life for them both? You can read all about that here.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle image © Mark Jones/Flickr under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 2.0
Buckingham Palace image © Jean Carlo Emer/Unsplash


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