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My Forthcoming New Book


I am delighted to announce that my first book “Venus – Pluto, Letters to Lost Lovers” will be published shortly. In it I marry letters to men I have most loved, the astrocartography of where the relationships unfolded, the transits I was going through at the time and my stellar photographic images of Ireland and Italy from my years as a professional photographer.
Stay tuned for the release date real soon!

This book was inspired by the untimely early death in December 2017 of my former partner, and daughter’s father, David Seavers.

Unlocking Creativity through Astrology

My own creativity was unlocked by my experience of astrocartography, which inspired me to move to Italy. There, I was able to fully explore my creativity as a photographer and writer.

The Cosmic Creativity group workshops I offer now give me the wonderful opportunity to help others explore their own creative potential.

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