Saturn square Uranus – the final hurrah of 2021 – occurs when these two planets form their final square off to each other on Christmas Eve.

Their encounter on 24th December 2021 comes after they have already had two clashes earlier in the year.

What you once perhaps perceived to be your rock and what made you feel secure, is being questioned and shaken so that you can step up and evolve beyond your limitations. Harnessing change and ‘going along with it’ has never been more crucial for creating the reality that you desire.

Taurus represents our security

Taurus represents our security, values, wealth, abundance and Mother Nature. Uranus in the sign of Taurus is shaking up our once firmly held beliefs in these areas. True wealth is to be found in the well-being of our emotional, mental and physical state and our Planet Earth.

Of course, security is something that we should find within and not in materialism alone. We can channel these powerful energies to create greater wealth in our health, environment ,and finances while honouring the power of nature and Mother Earth. In fact we must do this. Now never more than now, this is that time.

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

As we will shortly also enter a time of Mercury retrograde, it is really best to end 2021 with all your technology in order! How Uranian of me to say that! Already an increase in bank online security has been one of the most telling and underreported aspect of this titanic square – which can best be described as an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force.

Nothing is really wrong with that, I hear you say, but what about turning off your phone to have a day fully free of technology? It is going to be next to impossible to do that now unless, of course, you take time before the new year begins to become more organised about your bills and what and when financial transactions are conducted. As always, insights into what is ahead of us astrologically help us to plan around the effects of change. You can still have that tech-free time if you choose to!

After all, we all always still have freedom of choice over our actions.

So as the most challenging of years moves to its electrifying close, I wish you all peace and harmony in the coming weeks. I am taking a step back to focus on my writing, but I will still be available for consultations and have several astrology webinars coming up on the astrologial themes of 2022.

My free Cosmic Creativity webinar is on on Tuesday 4th February at 19.000 UTC and my four week Cosmic Creativity Course then starts on Tuesday 22nd February. This course helps you access your innate Cosmic Creativity which we all have, through the planetary energy of the Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Neptune in your natal birth chart.


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