On 10 June 2021, the world paused to observe the solar eclipse – how has it  affected you?

A solar eclipse means a time of new beginnings, which can be exciting but daunting too.  New beginnings ask us to trust our intuition, and they also often mean letting go of things that are holding you back. If you are moving into another dimension of life, what are you letting go of? Where are you heading? And how can you test your intuition about the big new choices you are making?

This a good time to turn to astrology to gain insights from the planets and how they relate to your potential and your purpose.

There is no doubt about it, this has been a titanic month astrologically. Last month’s lunar eclipse has been followed in two weeks by a solar eclipse, a new moon in Gemini, Mars opposing Pluto, and Neptune squaring the Sun, Moon and Mercury. The planets, as always, know where they are going, and they are there to help you find your direction. So, go follow them!

Have you had powerful dreams around the solar eclipse?

The intensity of this astrological moment affects us all – and you may have noticed that your dreams were particularly vivid around the solar eclipse. How are your dreams at the moment? Pay attention to them for they give clues that can help you understand your next steps.  They can help you to choose your new direction. Dreams can also reveal clues to you about what you need to let go of too.

An astrology consultation, and your deep intuition fuelled by the powerful cosmic energy in this moment, can help you to make changes in your life as seamlessly and painlessly as possible.

My own dreams have certainly been deep and also highly enlightening, with travel and moving on being a constant theme. I have also been dreaming of loved ones with whom I have no contact or who have passed. My late mother calmly pops in and out of my sleeping thoughts. Other dreams have been focused on a whole new phase of my life, which I will pursue in the best places for me to live. In my own life, the solar eclipse is a moment for deep reflection on new beginnings, which I am slowly preparing for.

Not ready for a new beginning?

If a new beginning isn’t in sight for you at the moment, don’t worry. Often, when it feels like nothing is happening in our lives, what is really happening is that we are conserving energy for another shift to a new dimension. During those times, it is important to take all the rest you need. It will serve you well!

Take time to meditate, or journal to reflect on what new portals and gateways you plan to walk through. And know that the planets are there to guide you.

The portal of the solar eclipse

The huge interest in the meaning of the solar eclipse is so heartening for me as an astrologer! It is a sign that our world is slowly becoming more spiritual. The portal of the solar eclipse is highlighting this immense new energy, which will empower people to make powerful choices about new beginnings and pursue exciting adventures.

What new path are you going to walk on? How exciting will that be! To become a more authentic version of yourself, to live a more heartfelt life.

Walk fearlessly through to your better life, or reflect on making the most of that moment when it comes.

If you need help with timing your choices and changes around new beginnings, you can book an astrology session –  natal chart readings, transit readings or astrocartography consultations – with me for confidential online support.

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