What, pray, is the meaning of your Solar Return chart?

Your Solar Return is a key theme in your chart yearly. It marks the point when the Sun returns to its natal place in your natal birth chart, on or close to your original time of birth.

When people think about astrology, they often have daily horoscopes in mind. The focus of attention is often on the more popular transit forecasts, which will tell you where the planets are natally in your chart on any given day. As a result, the huge significance of a solar return chart is often overlooked.

Your solar return occurs around your birthday, when the Sun returns to the same degree in your natal birth chart. 

Your other natal planets won’t return to the same place for another few hours or days, which is why the solar return can offer you so much insight. Your solar return sets the tone and theme of your life for the year ahead. It’s very much on my mind at the moment, as my birthday is coming up next week!

The themes of your solar return chart

It helps so much to know which themes will be coming up in your life and also which houses will be emphasized and activated by your solar return, as they will be different than those houses in your natal chart.

For example last year, I had Pluto and Saturn in my first house on my solar return chart, and so I was able to anticipate that themes around loss of self and transformation into someone else were going to be core themes for me in that year. In fact, in returned to Ireland from the US, dealt with the loss of my mother, and restructured my life and my business, moving everything online as the pandemic transformed everything about the way I worked

During this period of intense change. I delved deep into my psyche with ongoing therapy, which proved to be immensely healing, and I drew on my understanding of my solar return chart for guidance, solace and confidence. Death and renewal became overwhelming themes in my life, as my solar chart reading had predicted. But understanding the meaning of my solar return chart before this all began had helped me to understand that these were the types of challenge I would have to face.

I was better able to brace for and process the difficulties that crowded in than I would have been without these insights. My solar chart reading also gave me resolve and inspiration for my process of transformation into a new being and a new way of living. Astrology helped me hugely during this intensely emotional time. It was incredibly empowering to be able to find resources within myself and trust my inner wisdom and cosmic purpose, rather than looking outwards to others for guidance, as I might have done in the past.

This year’s solar return chart – a focus on creativity, travel and teaching

The themes of my solar return chart this year are different. My fifth house of creativity will be highly activated with both Mercury and Venus there. Writing will come to the fore, as will painting. And already the themes for my year to come are taking shape – my Moon will be in fiery excitable Sagittarius, heralding travel. My Jupiter and Neptune will be in my second house – which I know will support a dreamy expansive emphasis on creativity, travel and teaching.

Solar return chart meaning

Is it any wonder my plans are focused on finalising the materials for my Complete Astrology Course, which starts on May 29th, and spreading my wings after all the restrictions we’ve faced over the last while?! (Solar return charts are part of the learning we will do on the programme, and I am so looking forward to sharing my knowledge of them with others in the coming weeks!).

Understanding astrology is a great gift. The true transformation comes when we learn to merge our natal chart, our progressed chart (which is your inner self), our current transit chart, and our solar return chart, empowering ourselves to move more seamlessly through life.

When you equip yourself with insights about the year ahead and how it intersects with your own cosmic purpose, you can throw off the shackles that are holding you back and ask yourself: “What do I truly want?” How can I manifest this upcoming year’s themes to transform my life?

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