The Moon is probably the most important planet in your astrological chart. Why? Because it represents so many unconscious facets of you. It represents our emotions, what we need in life to feel safe, what we need to feel nourished, and how we have our needs met. In short, it is the most primal planet of all. Astrologically it is also the most visible planet. Irrespective of our level of knowledge of astrology, we all know where the Moon is in the heavens above us. Most, if not all of us know the basic concepts of the Moon, whether Full, Superfull, waxing or waning. We are usually all familiar with what the Solstice and the Equinox mean in our charts.

The Moon is strongly linked to your instincts, how you react emotionally, and what your intuitive make up is.

Along with the actual house placement in your natal birth chart, the Moon has many other ways in which it expresses itself in your chart.

The Moon expresses itself through Fire, Earth, Air and Water elements in your natal birth chart.

The Moon also expresses itself in either a Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable manner in your natal birth chart.

Well, quite simply, all the planets in your astrological chart, including the Moon, all fall into different signs in your natal chart. The energy of the Moon and how it is manifested happens as either FIRE AIR EARTH OR WATER.

The Fire signs                         The Air signs              The Earth signs        The Water signs

ARIES                                    LIBRA                        CAPRICORN            CANCER
LEO                                       AQUARIUS               TAURUS                    SCORPIO
SAGITTARIUS                     GEMINI                     VIRGO                       PISCES

And then there is the manner in which this energy is manifested. Which is either as

CARDINAL                           FIXED                                    MUTABLE

CARDINAL energy is all about initiating and starting. It is usually expressed in a very outright and forceful manner

FIXED  energy is all about holding steadfast and hence fixed energy is most often expressed internally. It is also about tangibly building a structure, again usually internally.

MUTABLE energy is flexible, adaptable and changeable

It is important to remember that while the Moon is linked to our needs and how we have them met, the planet Mercury is linked to how we communicate. So there is therefore often a logical connection between those planets in your natal birth chart.

More in a few weeks!