Transformation Through Transits

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Transformation Through Transits – Free Astrology Webinar

Date: Saturday 24th July
Duration:  1 hour
Time:  4pm GMT/Irish | 3pm UTC


Learn how you can achieve Transformation Through Transits in a free introductory webinar!

I’ll introduce you to what astrological transits mean, in astrology and for your own life. We all go through about eleven different transits daily. Some transits last for a few weeks, and some go on for up to two years!
Different planetary transits will impact on different areas of your life. By being prepared in advance for our transits, we can empower ourselves make informed decisions and pick the right time to make major life choices.
You may be reflecting on whether to move, to change jobs, to become self-employed, or to start a creative project. By aligning those changes in your own life with planetary changes, you can harness the power and fulfil your true potential.
In the webinar, I’ll introduce you to the differences between transits from the personal planets, the social planets and the transpersonal planets. We will also discuss the importance of knowing which area of your life is currently being highlighted by your transits. Questions during the workshop will also be greatly welcomed!


This is a wonderful, no-obligation opportunity for you to learn more about the power of Ongoing Transit Forecasts and how they can help you to navigate changes in your own life.

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