​It is essential to have a transit reading for astrocartography, because when you are dreaming of making a move to a new location – for life, work, or leisure – it’s important to reflect on the movements of the planets too.

The movement of the planets is referred to by astrologers as a ‘transit’. When I create a transit forecast for you, I identify how those transits affect your cosmic blueprint and shed light on your current and future plans.

A forecast based on planetary transits can be of immense help when you are planning any significant change in your life. But it takes on new significance when you are making plans to move from one place to another. That’s why a transit forecast is an important part of the astrocartography process!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing tips with you about how to get the most out of astrocartography – the astrology of location – so that you can find the best places in the world for you.

We have seen how journaling and visualisation can help you open your mind fully to your hopes for the future. And we have learned about the role of your natal birth chart – your cosmic blueprint – in helping you identify the best possible places for you to fulfil your role in the cosmos.

A natal chart reading is the first formal step in the astrocartography process, because it reveals the significance of the place and time where your identity took form.

A transit forecast for astrocartography is the next essential step, and must take place before your astrocartography maps are drawn up, and that’s  because it sheds light on where you are in your life now. A transit forecast equips you with insights into the conditions that are affecting your life right now, and the reasons why a change in location might be right for you.


Is the place where you live right for you?

Very few people live their whole lives in one place. Like the planets, we are inclined to move! You may feel that the place where you are living or working no longer feels like home. You may sense that your location is blocking your ability to achieve fulfilment or express your creativity.

When you move to a place that is aligned with your character and your ambitions, you can free yourself to fully express your identity and your potential in amazing ways, as I found when I moved to Italy at a moment’s notice! I was at a point in my own life where everything seemed stuck and out of joint.

A change of place was exactly what I needed to move my life onto a new plane. And, as I considered the possibilities for a transition in my own life, it made sense for me to consider the movements of the planets and the insights they offered into my own journey.

Your true character is revealed by your natal birth chart which explores the fixed points in time and place when you entered the world, but your journey through the world is illuminated by your transit forecasts which explore the ways in which your natal chart is intersected by the movements of the planets.

As you move through the stages of your life journey, transit forecasts can offer meaningful insights into how and when to make changes. And a transit forecast becomes essential when you are changing location and deciding on how and where to make your next move!


What is a transit forecast?

A transit forecast compares the position of the planets and stars at the moment and place of your birth with their position now. The angles they produce in relation to your birth chart can reveal a huge amount about factors that are affecting your life, work, and relationships.

Throughout the centuries, people have also looked to the planets and stars to better understand the conditions of their present moment. Your astrological journey must always begin with a natal chart reading because your birth chart pinpoints the time and place of your entry into the world, and it reads the stars and planets with that fixed point in mind.

But as you begin to chart the movement of your life forward into its next, most fulfilling, phase, it is important to take into account the effects of planetary movement so that you can take control of the way your life is positioned in the cosmos at the current moment.

The findings from your transit forecasts do not ‘tell’ your future, fixing what lies ahead, or depriving you of the power to make change. Quite the opposite!

Instead, your forecast will empower you with an understanding of the conditions that are affecting your life now. A transit reading can help you to recognise pressures that are disrupting your plans, but it can also surface opportunities.

And because your transit forecast will focus on your ‘here and now’, it will provide you with essential clues about where and how you might take your life next.


Why do I need a transit forecast for astrocartography?

We are often in transit in our own lives dealing with transitions from one phase of our lives to another, or from a place where we have begun to feel stuck to somewhere new.

The planets, like our own lives, are constantly moving. And so, when we are looking to find a place to put down roots or begin a new stage of our lives, it makes sense to pay attention to cosmic movements as well as our own restlessness.

To move forward, in emotional as well as physical terms, we need to fully engage with who and where we are now. A transit forecast session gives you space and time to consider the factors that are driving your impulse to change location.

It shows you the cosmic patterns that  form the backdrop to your character and potential, and it helps you to identify patterns in your life and in the present moment that you can mobilise to produce much-wanted change.

The transit reading is the last step in preparing for your final astrocartography reading, which will draw on everything we have learned from your cosmic blueprint and your transit forecast to support your plans for the future.

In my next blog post, I’ll be telling you more about the astrocartography maps which form the basis for your astrocartography consultation. These maps are drawn up based on careful reading of your natal chart and your transit forecast, and they also take into account locations – either close to home or across the globe – where your plans and potential can be most fully supported.

The understanding your transit forecast offers of your ‘here and now’ underpins the work we will do in your astrocartography consultation where we will identify the best places for you to  flourish and prosper in your life’s next and most fulfilling phase.

Transit forecasts can be booked as part of an astrocartography process, or as free-standing astrology consultations. I offer individual transit forecast sessions, as well as an ongoing transit forecast package to support you through periods of transition in your life. 

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