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While your natal chart is your blueprint, a transit reading can help you to understand how planetary patterns and your authentic self are interacting in the current moment.


A transit forecast offers you key insights at major transitional moments in your life and sheds light on new opportunities. The forecast can also help you to explore deep family dynamics, career options, or other significant life changes.

With a clear sense of your own potential in this moment, you will be better able to navigate the issues that are most challenging for you right now.

In your transit forecast session, I will share insights from your transit chart and explore with you how your life is being impacted by the current position of the planets and stars. Together, we will explore the current planetary transits in your chart, their meaning for you, and ways you can achieve greater fulfilment in your life right now.

All transit sessions take place online via Zoom consultations, and are fully confidential.

A transit reading can be booked as an individual session. Along with a natal chart reading, it is also a necessary step if you would like to continue to a transit or astrocartography consultation.

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