If outer planets – namely Uranus, Neptune or Pluto – are crossing one of the main axes of our birth chart, such as the Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven or IC, then these are major transits.

Pluto – endings and new beginnings

Pluto symbolises death, rebirth and utter transformation, and where Pluto falls in your natal chart is where you transform utterly several times in your lifetime. Where Pluto falls by transit indicates the area of your life that is currently being activated for release and transformation.

Pluto crossing our Ascendant, can symbolise the death of the current you, in order for a new you to come into the world. However,  Pluto crossing the Descendant can mean the death of a one-to-one relationship as you know it.

When Pluto is retrograde, we are being challenged to let go of any part of our life which is not working. That might be a personal relationship at one point in your life. At another time, Pluto can lead you to reassess a career choice you made several years ago or a creative project that has reached its limits.

If old habits are holding you back, this might be your time to let them go. And while ‘letting go’ is a kind of death that can bring grief and regret with it, Pluto reminds us that an ending is also an opportunity for a new beginning. An understanding of a Pluto transit, and the ways you are dealing with the challenges it brings, can heighten your awareness of where you are in your life right now. It can also give you clarity on the steps you need to take to move forward.

Understanding the influence Pluto is casting over your chart during major transits can be the impetus you need to set your life on a better, truer and more authentic course!

Uranus and your authentic self

Uranus represents our most authentic self – our true genius and our identity at its most liberated. And when Uranus is retrograde it is a time for internal reflection on what we need to do to become our radical authentic self. This major transit also asks us to evaluate what we value most in the collective identities we are all part of – we all belong to different and overlapping communities, whether local, national or creative!

A Neptune transit

A Neptune transit engages us with creativity in a direct way, though, sometimes, the heightened creativity it brings can lead to confusion or a sense of aimless drifting for people who are unaware why ideas are suddenly at play in their lives! Awareness of how your major transits are affecting you at any given time can help you to make sense of how you are feeling and engaging with the world around you.

An understanding of major transits can provide you with stability and insight at times when challenges abound. And, because transits give you opportunities to reflect on key issues in your life repeatedly at different moments in your personal journey, you will find it helps to reflect on what was happening in your life the last time you were going through a similar transit. It is also hugely helpful to look back at what was going on in your life in the last six months before looking at your future transits.

I am passionate about providing support to people through individual and ongoing transit forecasts. I am also fiercely committed to enabling more and more people to understand major transits for themselves.

It is incredibly empowering to understand what type of transit is casting its influence on your life, what planet natally is being transited, and the way the moment interacts with your life and your goals.  And I want more people to feel that sense of empowerment!

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This post is part of a series designed to help you to understand major transits in astrology. You can see the earlier blog posts here and here.

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