The Lunar Nodes in astrology represent key aspects of your potential. The North Node in particular represents your true calling and also what you have come into this lifetime to learn and experience.

Your true purpose is – to use the words of Julia Cameron – The Vein of Gold in your life. She defines it as being “the area in which you are most truly yourself and from which your gifts and interests mesh and interact most smoothly and powerfully”.

The Lunar Nodes also return to their natal place in your birth chart every 19-and-a-half years, symbolising the Nodal return. It is a time when the past meets the future, in the present.

Past life astrology

My last nodal return in 2017 was when I found myself returning to Ireland after a glorious two years in Italy (returning to the past), then living in the very same guesthouse where I had been almost 10 years earlier during my divorce (returning to cleanse the past). I was also working to put structure around my astrology practice before going to the USA (the future). During that year, several people from my far distant past came back into my life.

Lunar Nodes and your future

Squares to the Nodes in your natal chart can represent ‘skipped steps’ in your evolution which you need to work through in this lifetime. Angular Nodes, that is, when the Lunar Nodes are on any of the four angles of the birth chart, can indicate a more intense life journey for that individual than for most.

To learn more about lunar nodes and their role in your chart, feel free to book a natal birth chart consultation with me. I also explore Lunar Nodes on the modular astrology course I offer.