As if this year’s Saturn Uranus ongoing square was not enough, we now also have Venus retrograde at the end of the year. And what a year it has been!

The last blast of this square is towards the end of December, and we simultaneously have Venus stationing on the 18th December 2021 and going fully retrograde on 20th December 2021, where it will stay retrograde all over the Christmas and New Year period. Turning direct on 30th January 2022.

Being retrograde, Venus then spends longer than usual in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn. Venus retrograde is hence a time for re evaluating everything that is internal around what, when, where, how, and who we love. It is not an outward time. It is a period of almost six weeks of pure inner stillness and reflection.

So how’s that gonna work out over the busiest weeks of the year, I hear you all ask!

Acheiving inner stillness during Venus Retrograde

Inner stillness is something which has become increasingly difficult for us to find, particularly since we have adapted to ever more technological ways of communicating. Cardinal Earth energy also demands that we reflect practically, asking us what can we change around what we value? Is it finally a time to become more conscious of the planet and what are now seen as its finite resources?

At the end of the retrograde period Venus will be conjunct Mars for the last few days, giving an extra oomph around how we take action about what we value. Mars moves from fiery, feisty Sagittarius into zero degrees Capricorn on the 23rd January. More Cardinal Earth as Mars is particularly strong in this pragmatic “gotta get it done” energy.

We all know that journaling is a wonderful exercise and something I swear by daily. The days I journal are always better than the days I don’t. Yes, journaling is better done in the morning, but later in the day is fine too. Journaling reveals unflinchingly how we really feel about what is going on in our lives. At every meeting I have I take notes and I frequently then rewrite them in my journal. Not so much the business stuff, but anything that is personal or part of the mentoring I receive as well as offer definitely gets scribbled down, then re-written soon after. It gives me extra clarity on what was going through my mind. What I need to take action on. What I can delegate. What can wait till another time. What I can let go of. Now.

So, as we move slowly into the new world of 2022,  there has never been a better time than now to let go of all that no longer serves you. What outdated values no longer support your hopes for the future? Are they your parents’ values or yours? Or do they come from your friends rather than your innermost core? Have you outgrown some of your friends? Are your values no longer aligned with theirs?

And how have you felt after a second year of  restrictions around how you live your life? Are you ready to find some space to be yourself and lead a more authentic life?

Venus symbolises our creativity

Venus also symbolises our creativity, so is now a time when you take up a new creative hobby?

Rather than saying “Oh, I could never do that”, can you maybe, just maybe, find yourself saying “Why not?” A short foray into an art shop can reveal endless treasures and wonders and does not break the bank. If you can’t afford oil paints right now, then start with a set of coloured pencils and a sketch pad.

Art, we often forget, is wonderfully therapeutic and soothes our souls so. My late daughter Ruth, when we lived in Wales, would,with my encouragement, often stay late in the art room and enjoy the solace of working on her own art after school hours. We were both so blessed that her school offered her this facility. Is it any wonder that some of her best art was created that year?

You can go create a small corner in your house for your art. Or, if too many humans, kiddies, dogs and cats prevent this, then go find yourself a table at your favourite local café. Buy yourself a beautiful notebook and pen and start writing.

Some of my favourite and strongest memories of the last ten years are of the various cafes in Italy, California, Cape Cod, Oregon and so many other places where I would sit and hide in plain sight and write away.

Some of us need solitude for writing. Some of us like the hustle and bustle of a busy cafe.

Some of us, like myself need a mix of both.

Did you know that Elizabeth Gilbert, she of “Eat Pray Love Fame”, wrote each of her books in a different house?! Yes really! Now, there is a thought! I am definitely stimulated into writing more when I change venues, something that has been by far the biggest challenge for me these last two years as my Sagittarian Descendant craves the variety of different locations. And writes better that way also.

As we enter into what is a sacred creative time, have a look at my week Cosmic Creativity Course which starts on Tuesday 22nd February 2022 and runs for four weeks on USA and Europe friendly time zones. You can sign up HERE

I have a free Cosmic Creativity webinar the week beforehand on Tuesday 4th February 2022 and you can sign up here

I am finally also taking my own advice for early 2022, and retreating from the world for a while to write more. I am still seeing clients and you can book a session here, but there may be a slight Venusian (or Mercurial!) delay in replying to any emails outside my booking system.

But make use of that Venusian energy to reflect and experience your creativity as this year draws to its close!

Photo by NASA on Unsplash