These last two months have been the most extraordinary of my life. My beloved mother died peacefully seven months ago at 92, I moved to the West Coast of the USA, my family fell apart after my Mum’s death, and then the world went into lockdown following Covid19. Followed by riots in the USA, which in Portland, where I was living, continued vehemently for over 60 days.

Unable to enter or access my mother’s house in any way, I was forced to move elsewhere. I thought it would be Killarney, which had more accommodation available, but it ended up being Kenmare. I write this from my beautiful House on Top of the Hill as the quirky Irish postcodes describe it, and with the help of extensive IST therapy and the financial kindness of many people, I am now finding an internal peace and calm like never before.

The things we take for granted had been denied me so long – a car, car insurance (yikes – the cost!), a doctor, a dentist, water (I had no water for five days last week), an up to date driving licence, a therapy room to work from (Stone Arch Holistic Centre in Kenmare from mid August). These are all now back in place and I have never been so grateful in my life. I have a quiet house from which to see clients on ZOOM, and more importantly, to write.

My major transit for the next three years is Neptune on my South Node. A once in a lifetime transit. Vast creativity, but also bringing up lifetimes of family trauma, all on the female side. My South Node was in my third house of siblings and family via my relocated chart when this transit started, when I was still living in Portland. Old beloved friends are coming back into my life. Old friendships are changing and deepening. Re connection with cousins who I barely knew. All of which is bringing such comfort after my mother’s death. Neptune is also squaring my Ascendant for the next two years – a dissolving of how I am seen in the world. I haven’t grieved my mother in any way, I am only now learning how to.

Is it therefore any wonder I have ended up living just a few miles from where Neptune is on my Jupiter Mid Heaven Midpoint? Or on the geographical midpoint between where my parents honeymooned (Eccles Hotel in Glengariff) and Castlecove, on the ring of Kerry, which was my beloved David’s favourite place in Ireland and which is where we spent one of our first weekends away in 1979.

So back in Ireland I now have access to so many of life’s practicalities which is making day to day life so much easier. It’s hard to believe I used to cycle two miles through heavy snow and rain with my shopping hanging off my handlebars in Provincetown! I love Kenmare, I love the softness of the Kerry landscape, the lightheartedness and banter I hear everywhere I go.

A Neptune transit heightens our creativity, it can also, without awareness lead to confusion or a sense of aimless drifting. It depends on what type of transit it is, what planet natally is being transited, and the awareness of the client. Neptune teaches us to let go, to utterly surrender our ego to gOd’s greater plan for us.

My last major Neptune transit was in 2013 – 2015 when Neptune was trining itself. Which was when I effortlessly wrote more, expanded my photography range and floated off to live in Italy for over two years. I was gone to Italy within three weeks of making the decision. Whereas going to America was planned for over two years under a gruelling Pluto Saturn transit where nothing about the planning was easy in any way.

I am available for consultations via ZOOM and from mid August in person in Kenmare. Now that I have my own place long term for the first time on over seven years, I will be here indefinately while I focus on continuing to build my practice worldwide, and to write, rest and heal.

I continue to specialise in astrocartography and can happily confirm that the estate agents the length and breadth of Ireland have never been busier! Covid19 has taught us so much, much of which still has to be processed. We can easily live simple and more authentic lives, where being part of a community, our health, fresh air and nature play a large part in living a more balanced life.

To change your life by relocating, even for a short while book here. My new website also now has an extensive resources page outlining key books and therapies which have helped me so much on this glorious journey known as life.

Image – i fiori del paradiso, Dzoghen Beara, Allihies, West Cork. Copyright Martha Clarke