When gOd created the world in seven days, he definitely gave Ireland some of his greatest beauty. These were the thoughts going through my mind all last August Bank Holiday Weekend, where at the last minute I took myself off round the Ring of Kerry and on over towards Ballinskelligs and Valentia Island. No accommodation booked in advance.

As you do, during a pandemic.

It was strange, highly stressful and simulaneously very healing. Living halfway up a mountain as I do now, my 12th house Sun and Venus craved the sea, craving to be as close to the crashing Atlantic waves as possible. Somewhere where I could stand and wave hello to America all those thousands of miles away. Tell my wonderful friends all the way over there how much I treasure them.

Pluto, as usual, is leaving no stone unturned in my life. Quincunxing my Moon, bringing almost unbearable emotions up from the depths of gOd knows where, these emotions are like tidal waves crashing over me. There you are then, Pluto. Bringing up generations of female family power issues, as was highlighted when I found myself at Cill Rialaig, an Artists Retreat Centre I had wanted to visit for over 20 years. A former famine village, the artists houses stand quietly halfway up a mountain in one of the most powerful landscapes I have ever encountered. Where my Mercury Pluto line intersects, just a few miles out to sea, almost by the Skellig Rocks, that most spartan of monastic settlements out into the Atlantic. There are no boat trips landing there this year.

“Not at all, at all”, says the young teenager in the booking office wooden shed. Later that evening I saw five boats heading out towards these most magnificent of rocks, to all intents and purposes looking as if they were invading these islands or else re enacting a scene from Star Wars which was filmed here recently.

Yes, it is still good to be back in Ireland. Surprisingly so. Practically so. I live and love astrocartography daily, devour it. Mercury is blessedly in my first house here, folks. And being even further West, we get maybe even 15 or 20 minutes more daylight than when I lived in West Cork. And Jupiter bi quintiles my IC here, but out by the Atlantic Ocean, not in Kenmare and as a bi quintile signifies inspiration, yes indeed I will be spending time close to the Atlantic.

That’s what it feels like. I shall be writing more anon, and thank you all for your patience for my relative silence these last few weeks. There has been much to process, and indeed much more to come. Take good care of yourselves, dear readers and cherish your loved ones.

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Till next time dear readers.