All about Bruce, Bono and Biden

I wrote before about Bruce Springsteen and Dublin, which is of course also the stomping ground of U2’s Bono. And we all know that Bono and Bruce are great pals.

That’s no surprise when you look at both their charts. Bono is all Earth and Water and, Lordy me, being Capricorn Rising with Saturn on his Ascendant makes his a double Capricorn.

Bruce is all Air and Fire. Both have strong aspects between their Moon and Neptune.,

Enough of all that! Bruce’s relocated chart for Dublin has his as Leo Rising, with Jupiter, the planet which rules his Descendant, moving into his fifth house of, yes… creativity. His Venus in Scorpio becomes angular on his IC, which represents his home and roots and family of origin, hence he has a heightened sense of feeling quietly valued here.

And his Sun moved to his second house which represents not just his finances, but also his movable talents and skills. Since 2013, Bruce has played more venues in Ireland than any other artist of his time.

I should know. I was there.

Celebrity astrocartography

And his astrocartography, I hear you ask? Well, Saturn trines his Midheaven off the coast of Dublin, so his natal Saturn which moves to his first house in his relocated chart means he feels more structured out on the world. And Venus, the planet which symbolises creativity and finances (also how we love, what we love and who we love), conjuncts his IC through the east coast of Ireland, though slightly more inland.

So a quiet, inner sense of feeling really valued and possibly with a replenished and renewed sense of creativity.

Recently Bruce stated that if Donald Trump was re-elected as US President, he would move to Ireland. Well, now the USA is soon to have an Irish-American President, maybe he and Joe Biden will make a trip over. And what a trip that would be!

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Look out for my next blog post, which will cover Joe Biden’s astrocartography for Ireland. You can also read about Matt Damon and his charts for Ireland, plus the astrocartography of Harry and Meghan’s relocated charts for California.

Bruce Springsteen image © GabboT/Flickr under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic licence.

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