Cosmic Creativity Writing Workshops

Find Your Vein of Gold

Creative Cosmic Mentoring – 4-Week Programme

Dates: Classes will run on four consecutive Tuesdays – 22nd February 2021-15th March 2022)
Location: Zoom
Cost: €500

Join me for a series of weekly, astrology-led group writing workshops to stimulate your creative energies and expression.

This stimulating four-week programme will help you to tap into your creativity and explore its potential to the fullest extent.

With the help of the divine cosmic forces of the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, we will explore ways for you to improve your productivity, develop a new project, or capture the attention of new audiences.

Nurture Your Creativity

This unique programme encourages you to access your creative expression and unique potential. As an astrologer, writer and photographer, i will help you to realise your creative ambitions in supportive and stimulating workshops. This exciting new programme runs across 4, 2-hour sessions online. 

  • Your natal chart will be read to cast light on the patterns and creative potential  that are unique to you.
  • Small group activities will provide a fertile setting for your ideas to flourish.
  • Writing prompts inspired by the ancient wisdom of astrology will help you to explore and enrich your creativity and confidence..


Each week, we will explore one of the following topics:

  • Week One – The Moon – Emotion and Intuition
  • Week Two – Venus – Creativity, Love, Value Systems, and Harmony
  • Week Three – Mercury – Communication and Connection
  • Week Four – Neptune – Vision and Expression

This is a writing workshop unlike any other, inspired and enriched by astrological insights and personalised through its connection to your own natal birth chart. Artists of every kind and people who work closely with their emotions and intuition will benefit from the creative mentoring this programme provides.

Who will benefit from Cosmic Mentoring?

The programme is suited to creative people across all disciplines. Writers, artists, healers and other creatives will all find this astrology-led course useful and inspiring.

You will receive:

  • A detailed copy of your natal astrology chart before the course begins.
  • Recordings of all sessions for your own use
  • Weekly slides giving key concepts for each planet and writing prompts

You will be asked to provide your date, time and place of birth before the classes begin, and the supportive group setting will provide a wonderful opportunity to connect and be inspired by other creative souls worldwide. 


Writing Course Structure

Dates: Classes will run on four consecutive Tuesdays – 22nd February 2022, 1 March, 8th March, 15th March
Time: 19:00 UTC
Length: Each workshop will run for two hours.
Availability: Limited places available, book early to avoid disappointment.

Course Overview

Each week we will explore the role of a planet in your natal chart and the significance of what that planet represents. Through discussion and prompted writing exercises, I will help you to explore the characteristics and emotions that govern your creativity helping you to give voice to your ideas, hopes, and plans.

Week 1 – The Moon: Emotion and Intuition

The moon represents our sense of home, nurturing, and emotional safety. By exploring its importance, we will reflect on what enables us to experiment and create.

Week 2 – Venus

As Venus represents creativity, love, value systems,  and a sense of harmony, we will use it to explore what we want to express through our creativity and the forms that expression might take.

Week 3 – Mercury

Mercury (which rules Gemini and Virgo) shapes how we communicate, whether verbally, emotionally, practically, or actively. In this session, we will reflect on how we communicate, not just through the form our creativity takes, but through the strategies we find to connect our art with a wider audience.

Week 4 – Neptune

In this final week, we encounter Neptune – the Muse herself, Neptune – and all your soul hungers and longs for. As your creative vision and ease of expression strengthen, you will be ready to start putting your creative vision into practice.

Book Your Place

The next series of cosmic creativity writing workshops begin on 22nd February 2022. The series will run on 4 consecutive Tuesdays. Book now to sign up today.  To join the waiting list for the next set weekly writing course, please fill in the form below and I will notify you as soon as dates are available. If you feel you would benefit from or prefer a one-to-one, mentored creativity programme, or would like personalised support after the group programme has ended, contact me to discuss!


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